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This procedure supplies the data for the Last 2 inpatient movements for TAB 2 of the GUI 2319.Pass IEN to Prosthetic Suspense (#668) Return RESULTS Array and Example: RESULTS(0)=NameRESULTS(1)=SSNRESULTS(2)=DOBRESULTS(3)=Claim #RESULTS(4)= if 1 Yes a movementRESULTS(5)=Transaction typeRESULTS(6)=Date of last MovementRESULTS(7)=Type of MovementRESULTS(8)=WardRESULTS(9)=PhysicianRESULTS(10)=DiagnosisRESULTS(11)= if 1 Yes Second to last MovementRESULTS(12)=2nd to last Transaction TypeRESULTS(13)=2nd to last Transaction dateRESULTS(14)=2nd to last Type of movementRESULTS(15)=2nd to last WardRESULTS(16)=PhysicianRESULTS(17)=Diagnosis


Property Value
Label EN
MUMPS Implementation RMPR9LM
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
IEN LITERAL 50 true  

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