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The ROR LIST STATES remote procedure returns a list of states that conformthe search criteria.


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation RORRP029

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
PART LITERAL 30 true The PART parameter defines the search pattern. If it contains 2 characterabbreviation of the state and the FLAGS parameter contains "A" then thecorresponding state is returned (see the FLAGS parameter for moredetails). Otherwise, the regular search among state names is performed.
FLAGS LITERAL     Flags that control the execution (can be combined): A Enable abbreviation search. If PART contains 2 character abbreviation, the corresponding state is returned. If the length of PART parameter is not equal 2 or it does not contain a valid state abbreviation then the regular search is performed. B Backwards. Traverses the index in the opposite direction of normal traversal.
NUMBER LITERAL     Maximum number of entries to return. A value of "*" or no value in this parameter designates all entries that conform the criteria.
FROM LITERAL     The index entry(s) from which to begin the list. Use the pieces of theResults[0] (starting from the second one) to continue the listing in thesubsequent procedure calls. NOTE: The FROM value itself is not included in the resulting list. See description of the LIST^DIC for more details about the PART, NUMBERand FROM parameters.

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