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Schedules the report and returns the task information.


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation RORRP010
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description    
REGIEN LITERAL     Registry IEN (if $G(REGIEN)'>0 the task will not be associated with anyparticular registry).    
RPTCODE LITERAL   true Code of the report (value of the CODE field of the report descriptor inthe ROR REPORT file).    
ZTDTH LITERAL     Date/time to start the task (external value). By default (if $G(ZDTH)=""),the task will be scheduled to run after 3-second pause.    
PARAMS LIST     Report parameters in XML format. For example: with RPCBroker.Param[4] do begin PType :=list; Mult[1] := '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>' Mult[2] := '<PARAMS>'; Mult[3] := '<TASK_COMMENT>Ear procedures 2003</TASK_COMMENT>' Mult[4] := '<DATE_RANGE TYPE="YEAR" YEAR="2003"/>'; Mult[5] := '<PATIENTS DE_DURING="1" INPATIENT="1" OUTPATIENT="1">'; Mult[6] := '<CPTLST>'; Mult[7] := '<CPT ID="00120">ANESTH, EAR SURGERY</CPT>'; Mult[8] := '<CPT ID="00124">ANESTH, EAR EXAM</CPT>'; Mult[9] := '</CPTLST>'; … Mult[n] := '</PARAMS>'; end; Clinics——- <CLINICS [ALL="1"]> <CLINIC ID="IEN">Name</CLINIC> … </CLINICS> CPT Codes——— <CPTLST [ALL="1"]> <CPT ID="CPT">Name</CPT> … </CPTLST> Date Range———-(Medications date range for the Combined Meds and Labs report) <DATE_RANGE TYPE="Type" [START="…" END="…"] [CUTOFF="…"] [YEAR="…" [QUARTER="…"] [FISCAL="1"]]/> Lab Date Range————– <DATE_RANGE_2 TYPE="Type" [START="…" END="…"] [CUTOFF="…"] [YEAR="…" [QUARTER="…"] [FISCAL="1"]]/> Utilization Date Range———————- <DATE_RANGE_3 TYPE="Type" [START="…" END="…"] [CUTOFF="…"] [YEAR="…" [QUARTER="…"] [FISCAL="1"]]/> Divisions——— <DIVISIONS [ALL="1"]> <DIV ID="IEN">Name</DIV> … </DIVISIONS> Medications, Drug Classes, and Medication Groups———————————————— <DRUGS [AGGR_GENERIC=1] [AGGR_FORMUL=1] [ALL="1"] [INVESTIG="1"] [REGMEDS="1"]> <GROUP [ID="GroupName"] [INVESTIG="1"] [REGMEDS="1"]> <GENERIC> <DRUG ID="IEN">Name</DRUG> … </GENERIC> <FORMULATIONS> <DRUG ID="IEN">Name</DRUG> … </FORMULATIONS> <VARXCLS> <VARXCL ID="IEN" CODE="ClassCode">Name</VARXCL> … </VARXCLS> </GROUP> … </DRUGS> ICD Codes———– <ICDLST [ALL="1"]> <GROUP ID="Group Name"> <ICD ID="ICD Code" VERSION="ICD-9/ICD-10">Name</ICD> … </GROUP> </ICDLST> <ICDFILT FILTER="ALL/INCLUDE/EXCLUDE"> <GROUP ID="Group Name"> <ICD ID="ICD Code" VERSION="ICD-9/ICD-10">Name</ICD> … </GROUP> </ICDFILT> Lab Tests——— <LABTESTS [ALL="1"]> <LT ID="IEN" [LOW="…"] [HIGH="…"]>Name</LT> … </LABTESTS> Local Fields———— <LOCAL_FIELDS> <FIELD ID="IEN" [MODE="1" "-1"] [NAME="FieldName"]>Description</FIELD> </LOCAL_FIELDS> Lab Result Ranges—————– <LRGRANGES> <LRGRANGE ID="GroupCode" USE="1" [LOW="…"] [HIGH="…"]>GroupName</LRGRANGE> </LRGRANGES> Number of patients with highest utilization——————————————- <MAXUTNUM>…</MAXUTNUM> Minimum number of procedures/results to display———————————————– <MINRPNUM>…</MINRPNUM> Optional Columns—————- <OPTIONAL_COLUMNS> <COLUMN ID="ColumnName"/> </OPTIONAL_COLUMNS> Report Options————– <OPTIONS [COMPLETE="1"] [SUMMARY="1"] [REGMEDSMRY="1"] [PTLIST="1"]/> Other Registries—————- <OTHER_REGISTRIES> <REGISTRY ID="RegIEN" [MODE="1" "-1"] [NAME="RegName"]>Description</REGISTRY> … </OTHER_REGISTRIES> Subset of Patients—————— <PATIENTS [CONFIRMED="1"] [PENDING="1"] [DE_BEFORE="1"] [DE_DURING="1"] [DE_AFTER="1"] [INPATIENT="1"] [OUTPATIENT="1"] [COMPLEX="1"] [BASIC="1"] [LAB="1"] [NOLAB="1"] [NOTSEEN="1"] [SEEN="1"] [CAREONLY="1"] [PHARM="1"] [NOPHARM="1"] [PROC="1"] [NOPROC="1"]/> <PT ID="DFN" [SSN="SSN"]>Name</PT> … </PATIENTS> User Defined Comment——————– <TASK_COMMENT>…</TASK_COMMENT> Utilization Types—————– <UTIL_TYPES [ALL="1"]> <UT ID="UtlCode"/> … </UTIL_TYPES> VADRUGCLS VA drug classes included in the report Example: Mult['"VADRUGCLS(1)"'] := 'IN140'; Mult['"VADRUGCLS(2)"'] := 'IN150'; VIRAL_LOAD Viral Load options ^01: Include Viral Load (0/1) ^02: Use range (0/1) ^03: Low ^04: High Example (include all): Mult['"VIRAL_LOAD"'] := '1'; Example (use range): Mult['"VIRAL_LOAD"'] := '1^1^3000^100000';
SCHCODE LITERAL     Rescheduling code ("1D", "1M", "D@12:00", etc).    

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