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This Remote Procedure Call (RPC) returns an array of diagnosesfor an encounter.Note:For encounters before 10/1/96, only scheduling data in theOUTPATIENT DIAGNOSIS (#409.43) file may exist. It will onlyexist if the site required diagnoses as part of the checkout process.This RPC will attempt to find this ‘old’ data, reformat the datato meet the V POV structure and return the list of diagnoses asdescribed above. (Only the diagnosis code internal entry numberis available for ‘old’ encounters.)


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation SDOERPC
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
ENCOUNTER IEN LITERAL   true This is the internal entry number of an entry in the OUTPATIENTENCOUNTER [#409.68 - ^SCE] file.

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