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This RPC utilizes the CALLABLE ENTRY POINTS IN VADPT PIM manual. http://www.domain.ext/vdl/documents/Clinical/Admis_Disch_Transfer_(ADT)/pimstm.doc (DBIA #10061) As well as the DBIA #4938 which returns the ICN. Note that the call to VAPA API is called twice the first time forcing the return of the permanent address and a second time forcing the return of the temporary address. The Temporary address is retuned in its own subscript referenced as VAPA_TEMP_ADDRESS. The return values are all listed in the ADT manual listed above, with the exception of the ICN and the VAPA_TEMP_ADDRESS. This call can be called by passing in either dfn or icn or both. If both are passed in they will be validate to insure that they match the same entry in the patient file. (global root,dfn,icn) Testing section; Note that this is a test patient. Test 1) PASSING IN AN INVALID ICN AND A VALID DFND COL(,785,10026276877)Results:^TMP(546781790,1)=COULD NOT MATCH UP ICN WITH A DFN Test 2) PASSING IN A INVALID DFN WITH A VALID ICND COL(,78599999,1002627687)Results:^TMP(546781790,1)=DFN AND ICN ARE NOT MATCHED Test 3) PASSING IN BOTH AN INVALID DFN AND ICND COL(,78599999,1002627687999999)Results:^TMP(546781790,1)=COULD NOT MATCH UP ICN WITH A DFN Below is a successful call to this RPC passing only a dfn. D COL(,785,)Global ^TMP($J – NOTE: translation in effect^TMP(546781790,1)=VA(ICN)^1002627687^EOL999 2)=VA(BID)^3235^EOL999 3)=VA(PID)^101-01-3235^EOL999 4)=VADM(1)^EASTER,WILLIAM DAVE (C)^EOL999 5)=VADM(2)^101013235^101-01-3235^EOL999 6)=VADM(3)^2571006^OCT 6,1957^EOL999 7)=VADM(4)^49^EOL999 8)=VADM(5)^M^MALE^EOL999 9)=VADM(6)^^EOL999 10)=VADM(7)^DR KEVIN SD^EOL999 11)=VADM(8)^3^WHITE, NOT OF HISPANIC ORIGIN^EOL999 12)=VADM(9)^3^BAPTIST^EOL999 13)=VADM(10)^6^NEVER MARRIED^EOL999 14)=VADM(11)^1^EOL999 15)=VADM(11,1)^4^UNKNOWN BY PATIENT^EOL999 16)=VADM(12)^2^EOL999 17)=VADM(12,1)^2^AMERICAN INDIAN OR ALASKA NATIVE^EOL999 18)=VADM(12,1,1)^3^OBSERVER^EOL999 19)=VADM(12,2)^13^WHITE^EOL999 20)=VADM(12,2,1)^1^SELF IDENTIFICATION^EOL999 21)=BOS VAEL^EOL999 22)=VAEL(1)^2^AID & ATTENDANCE^EOL999 23)=VAEL,1,4)^4^NSC, VA PENSION^EOL999 24)=VAEL,1,6)^6^OTHER FEDERAL AGENCY^EOL999 25)=VAEL,1,9)^9^SHARING AGREEMENT^EOL999 26)=VAEL,1,19)^19^TRICARE^EOL999 27)=VAEL(2)^7^VIETNAM ERA^EOL999 28)=VAEL(3)^0^EOL999 29)=VAEL(4)^1^EOL999 30)=VAEL(5)^1^EOL999 31)=VAEL(5,1)^^EOL999 32)=VAEL(5,2)^^EOL999 33)=VAEL(5,3)^^EOL999 34)=VAEL(5,4)^^EOL999 35)=VAEL(5,5)^^EOL999 36)=VAEL(5,6)^^EOL999 37)=VAEL(6)^12^NSC VETERAN^EOL999 38)=VAEL(7)^SS^EOL999 39)=VAEL(8)^V^VERIFIED^EOL999 40)=VAEL(9)^N^NO LONGER REQUIRED^EOL999 41)=BOS VAPA^EOL999 42)=VAPA(1)^5407 ROCKING HORSE LANE^EOL999 43)=VAPA(2)^NO APPT # LINE TWO OF ADDRESS^EOL999 44)=VAPA(3)^NO LINE THREE EITHER^EOL999 45)=VAPA(4)^OCEANSIDE^EOL999 46)=VAPA(5)^6^CALIFORNIA^EOL999 47)=VAPA(6)^92057^EOL999 48)=VAPA(7)^4^SAN DIEGO^EOL999 49)=VAPA(8)^760-295-9572^EOL999 50)=VAPA(9)^^EOL999 51)=VAPA(10)^^EOL999 52)=VAPA(11)^92057^92057^EOL999 53)=VAPA(12)^1^EOL999 54)=VAPA(13)^1750 w CITRACADO PKWY^EOL999 55)=VAPA(14)^UNIT 114^EOL999 56)=VAPA(15)^MOUNTAIN SHADOWS^EOL999 57)=VAPA(16)^ESCONDIDO^EOL999 58)=VAPA(17)^6^CALIFORNIA^EOL999 59)=VAPA(18)^92029^92029^EOL999 60)=VAPA(19)^4^SAN DIEGO^EOL999 61)=VAPA(20)^3061221^DEC 21,2006^EOL999 62)=VAPA(21)^3061231^DEC 31,2006^EOL999 63)=VAPA(22,2)^2^APPOINTMENT/SCHEDULING^Y^EOL999 64)=VAPA(22,3)^3^COPAYMENTS/VETERAN BILLING^^EOL999 65)=VAPA(22,4)^4^MEDICAL RECORDS^Y^EOL999 66)=VAPA_TEMP_ADDRESS(1)^5412 TEMP ADDRESS LANE^EOL999 67)=VAPA_TEMP_ADDRESS(2)^SOME BEACH TEMP LINE TWO^EOL999 68)=VAPA_TEMP_ADDRESS(3)^WITH SUN AND SAND LINE THREE^EOL999 69)=VAPA_TEMP_ADDRESS(4)^LAGUNA^EOL999 70)=VAPA_TEMP_ADDRESS(5)^6^CALIFORNIA^EOL999 71)=VAPA_TEMP_ADDRESS(6)^90210^EOL999 72)=VAPA_TEMP_ADDRESS(7)^7^ALAMEDA^EOL999 73)=VAPA_TEMP_ADDRESS(8)^800-555-1212^EOL999 74)=VAPA_TEMP_ADDRESS(9)^3061212^DEC 12,2006^EOL999 75)=VAPA_TEMP_ADDRESS(10)^3070130^JAN 30,2007^EOL999 76)=BOS VAPD^EOL999 77)=VAPD(1)^PEN^EOL999 78)=VAPD(2)^12^FLORIDA^EOL999 79)=VAPD(3)^EASTER,ELBERT JOE^EOL999 80)=VAPD(4)^EASTER,ELIZABETH L^EOL999 81)=VAPD(5)^HUGHES,ELIZABETH L^EOL999 82)=VAPD(6)^TRUCK DRIVER^EOL999 83)=VAPD(7)^1^EMPLOYED FULL TIME^EOL999


Property Value
Label COL
MUMPS Implementation SPNRPC1

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
IEN LITERAL 245 true  

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