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This RPC inserts or updates post transfusion related data in the VBECS DSSEXTRACT file (#6002.03). The data is passed into the VBECDSS routine through the input parameters and a success indicator is returned to the Blood Bank medical device.


Property Value
Label EN
MUMPS Implementation VBECDSS

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
PARAMS LITERAL 999 true PARAMS("TRANSACTION ID") = Unique record identifierPARAMS("DFN") = Patient identifierPARAMS("ORDERING LOCATION") = Ordering Institution IdentifierPARAMS("TRANSFUSION LOCATION") = Tranfusing Institution identifierPARAMS("PHYSICIAN") = Provider requesting blood product for transfusionPARAMS("ORDERING PROVIDER") = Provider who ordered Type and CrossmatchPARAMS("PRODUCT NAME") = Short blood product namePARAMS("COMPONENT ABBREVIATION") = Abbreviation of blood componentPARAMS("NUMBER OF UNITS") = Number of pooled units transfusedPARAMS("TRANSFUSION DATE") = Date/time of transfusionPARAMS("VOLUME") = Total volume of units transfusedPARAMS("REACTION TYPE") = Type of reaction indicatedPARAMS("UNIT MODIFICATION") = String of codes representing modifications done on units transfused. String cannot exceed 6 character. D = Deglycerolize F = Freeze I = Irradiate L = Leukoreduce P = Pool R = Rejuvenate S = Split/Divide T = Thaw U = Thaw/Pool Cryo V = Volume Reduce W = WashPARAMS("REACTION") = Yes or No value if a reaction was indicated.

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