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This RPC returns XML containing a list of patient demographic data for the purpose of inserting a new patient in the VBECS database for when receiving an autologous or directed unit on a patient that is not already defined in the VBECS Patient table. XML Mapping:count attribute = Number of records foundNumber element = Sequence number of records foundVistaPatientId = PATIENT file (#2) / NUMBER field (#.001)PatientLastName = PATIENT file (#2) / first comma delimited piece of the NAME field (#.01)PatientFirstName = PATIENT file (#2) / second comma delimited piece and first “space” delimited piece of the NAME field (#.01)PatientMiddleName = PATIENT file (#2) / second comma delimited piece and second “space” delimited piece of the NAME field (#.01)Sensitive = DG SECURITY LOG file (#38.1) / SECURITY LEVEL field (#2)PatientDOB = PATIENT file (#2) / DATE OF BIRTH field (#.03) in HL7 formatPatientDOBCode = Code derived from a missing day or month value in PatientDOB. B = Both Day and Month is unknown. M = Month is unknown. D = Day is unknown V = valid Day/Month/YearPatientSSN = PATIENT file (#2) / SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER field (#.09)PatientDeathDate = PATIENT file (#2) / DATE OF DEATH field (#.351)Type = TYPE OF PATIENT file (#391) / NAME field (#.01)PrimaryEligibility = MAS ELIGIBILITY CODE file (#8.1) / PRINT NAME field (#5)ServiceConnected = PATIENT file (#2) / SERVICE CONNECTED? field (#.301)ScPercent = PATIENT file (#2) / SERVICE CONNECTED PERCENTAGE field (#.302)PatientSexCode = PATIENT file (#2) / SEX field (#.02)PatientICN = PATIENT file (#2) / INTEGRATION CONTROL NUMBER field (#991.01)Veteran = PATIENT file (#2) / VETERAN (Y/N)? field (#1901)PatientLocation = PATIENT file (#2) / WARD LOCATION field (#.1)PatientRoomBed = PATIENT file (#2) / ROOM-BED field (#.101) XML Example: 1 1000 VBECSpatient One T false 19291120 V 666000000 SC VETERAN SC, 50% TO 100% true 50 M 1000000000V000000 true


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation VBECLU

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
PARAM LITERAL 999 true Input PARAM("SEARCH TYPE") = type of search requestedInput PARAM("SEARCH VALUE") = value to search onRETURN PARAMETER DESCRIPTION:XML document with list of patients found based on search type andsearch value.

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