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This will call the VEJDWPB GET SCHED APPTS rpc to get the scheduledappointments for the user inputted date range. It then loops throughs the Visit file (#9000010) “AA” cross reference tofind all visits. It then uses the uses the IN5^VADPT to get the current admission.It then uses the uses the IN5^VADPT to get the current admission.


Property Value
Label VSIT
MUMPS Implementation VEJDVST2

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
DATA LITERAL   true DATA - required - DFN ^ BEG ^ END ^ ZLOC ^ FLG ^ MODS ^ CAT DFN - required - pointer to file 2 BEG - optional - starting Fileman date/time END - optional - ending fileman date/time - default = DT+.5 ALOC - optional - clinic, either name or file 44 ien retained for backwards compatibility FLG - optional - type of appts to return 0 - active/kept appts (past) - default 1 - future appts only 2 - both past and future appts MODS - optional - string of codes determine which encounters to return default value = ASV MODS["A" - return current admission regardless of date MODS["S" - return schedule appts MODS["V" - return visit file entries (#9000010) CAT - optional - default value is 0 screen visits by service category 1 - return all visits 0 or <null> - do not return historical type visits I $G(CAT) then do not screen visit entries by service category I '$G(CAT) then screen out historical visits (E,D,X,N,C)
VECLIN LIST   true VECLIN is a local array which contains a list of clinics to be used to screen appointment list. Only those appointments in these clinics will be returned. VECLIN - optional - passed by reference VECLIN(#) = clinic name or ien
SCODE LIST   true This is a list of 3-digit stop codes used to screen appointments returned. Only those clinic locations whose stop code is in this list will be returned. SCODE - optional - passed by reference SCODE(#) = 3-digit stop code (lookup on C xref)
VEDIV LIST   true This is a list of divisions to be used to screen appointments. Only appointments in clinics for divisions in this list will be returned. VEDIV - optional - passed by reference VEDIV(#) = division name or ien

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