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This RPC returns a list of hospital locations (defined in the HOSPITAL LOCATION file), which conform the criteria.


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation VPSRPC10

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
HLTYPES LITERAL     List of location types separated by commas (internal values of the TYPE field of the HOSPITAL LOCATION file): C Clinic F File Area I Imaging M Module N Non-Clinic Stop OR Operating Room W Ward Z Other Location Only locations of the types defined by this parameter are selected by the remote procedure. By default ($G(HLTYPES)=""), all locations are selected.
DIVIEN LITERAL     Division IEN. If this parameter is defined and greated than zero then only the locations associated with this division are selected.
PART LITERAL 30   The partial match restriction.
FLAGS LITERAL     Flags that control the execution (can be combined): A Include active locations (default) B Backwards. Traverses the index in the opposite direction of normal traversal. I Include inactive locations
NUMBER LITERAL     Maximum number of entries to return. A value of "*" or no value in this parameter designates all entries
FROM LITERAL     The index entry(s) from which to begin the list ^01: From Name ^02: From IEN For example, a FROM value of "VA" would list entries following VA. You can use the 2nd and 3rd "^"- pieces of the @RESULT@(0) node to continue the listing in the subsequent procedure calls. NOTE: The FROM value itself is not included in the resulting listSee description of the LIST^DIC for more details about the PART, NUMBER, and FROM parameters.

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