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Called by Vetlink Kiosk system. The RPC will accept a single value asinput representing the string of pending appointments that the patient isto be checked-in.; and the output produced will be an array that returnsthe results of each attempted check-in.


Property Value
Label CHK
MUMPS Implementation VPSRPC4
Return Type ARRAY

Input Parameters

Name Type Maximum Data Length Required Description
VPSAPPTS LITERAL 225 true Input: string that represents the appt(s) to be checked in. Since more than one appt can be checked-in, each appt consists of the DFN, CLINIC ien, and appt date/timestamp. Each appt is delimited by ";" and the 3 pieces of data are separated by "-". All 3 data elements in the appt representation are required input.Syntax: input=DFN_"-"clinic IEN"-"date/timestamp of scheduled appt";" example of data string (represents 2 appts): "308165-1218-3120420.1215;308165-4569-3120420.1030"

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