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This API returns all scoring information for a specified patient given a specified administration date for a specified test or instrument. User must have adequate privileges to receive this information (i.e. often the YSP KEY) Input: DFN : patient internal identifier CODE: Test code from file 601 or “ASI” e.g. “CAGE”, “BDI”ADATE: inclusive administration date in %DT acceptable format (11/11/2011) Output:Array(2)= Patient Name^Test Code^Test Title^Internal Admin date^External Admin Date ^Ordered byArray(3)=R1^Responses 1-200 undelimitedArray(4)=R2^ Responses 201-400 undelimited (even if less than 200)Array(5)=R3^ Responses 401-600 undelimitedArray(6)=S1^Scale Name^Raw Score^Transformed ScoreArray(7)=S2^ Scale Name^Raw Score^Transformed Score And onward as needed


Property Value
MUMPS Implementation YTAPI2
Return Type ARRAY

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