Contains a listing of allergies from which user can select. Per VHA directive XXX, this file has been "locked down" by Data Standardization (DS). The file definition (i.e. data dictionary) shall not be modified. All additions, changes and deletions to entries in the file shall be done by Enterprise Reference Terminology (ERT) using the Master File Server (MFS), provided by Common Services (CS). Creating and/or editing locally defined fields in the file are not permitted. Use of locally defined fields that were created prior to VHA Directive XXX shall not be supported.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThe name of the allergy/adverse reaction.
1allergy type(+)0;2FREE TEXTCThis field contains the type(s) for this allergy/adverse reaction . The user can enter the type(s) separated by commas, or the following codes: D=Drug, F=Food, O=Other. If codes are used, do not use commas to separate multiple codes. Examples of valid entries are: DRUG or DRUG, FOOD or D or DF or OTHER.
2national allergy0;3SET OF CODES1:NATIONAL ALLERGY
Indicates whether this allergy was distributed with the national release or is a locally added allergy.
3synonym3;0MULTIPLE120.823A list of synonyms that can also be used to look up this allergy.
4drug ingredientsING;0MULTIPLE120.824List of drug ingredients that comprise this particular allergy.
5va drug classesCLASS;0MULTIPLE120.8205List of VA Drug classes that comprise this reactant.
99.98master entry for vuid(+)VUID;2BOOLEAN1:YES
This field identifies the Master entry for a VUID associated with a Term/Concept.
99.99vuid(+)VUID;1FREE TEXTAVUIDVHA Unique ID (VUID). A unique meaningless integer assigned to reference terms VHA wide.
99.991effective date/timeTERMSTATUS;0MULTIPLE120.8299Describes the pair Status and Effective Date/Time for each reference term.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. PATIENT ALLERGIES (120.8) -- gmr allergy