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This file describes the TASKMAN's main file of jobs to start. Because TM works on this file from many UCI's it doesn't use FM to manipulate it. At this point there are no X-refs on this file and there are no fields that can be edited, Use TM options for that. The file can be searched, sorted and printed. The third piece of the zero node is only updated when the XUTM QCLEAN option runs. There are some applications that still do there own setting into this global and wipeout the zero node. The storage of the symbol table is not in a FM compatable format.
.001number11This is the TASK number.
.01entry point(+)0;1FREE TEXTThis is the entry point in the routine to use.
2routine name(+)0;2FREE TEXTThis is the ROUTINE that should be run when the scheduled time comes.
3user(+)0;3POINTER200This is a pointer to the NEW PERSON file of the person the created the task. It is only valid if the task was created in this UCI.
4requested uci0;4FREE TEXTThis is the UCI that the job requested that the task run in.
5creation time ($h)0;5FREE TEXTThis is the time that the task was created.
6scheduled run time ($h)0;6FREE TEXTThis is the time that the task is scheduled to run.
7type of task0;7FREE TEXTThis is a flag to tell if it is an option or a routine that is scheduled.
8option number0;8NUMERICThis is the IEN of the option to run. It is only valid if the task was created in this UCI.
9option name0;9FREE TEXTThis is the name of the option that is scheduled to run.
10creator name0;10FREE TEXTThis is the name of the Person that created the task.
11creation uci0;11FREE TEXTThis is the UCI that the task was created in.
12creation volume set0;12FREE TEXTThis is the Volume Set that the task was created on.
13reserved0;13FREE TEXTThis is a place holder field for the string ZTDESC that is placed in this position by the code.
14requested volume set0;14FREE TEXTThis is the Volume Set that was requested for the running of the task.
15priority0;15NUMERICThis field is the priority that the task should run at. It is a value passed in by the calling routine and over-rides the default.
16original create date ($h)0;16FREE TEXTThis field will get the original creation $H when the task is requeued thru the REQ^%ZTLOAD API. At other times it will be empty.
21original destination uci.01;1FREE TEXTThis is the Original Destination UCI that was given.
22original destination volume.01;2FREE TEXTThis field holds the Original Destination Volume.
31current destination uci.02;1FREE TEXTThis field holds the Current Destination UCI.
32current destination volume set.02;2FREE TEXTThis field holds the Current Destination Volume Set.
33hop count.02;3NUMERICThis field is used by Taskmanager to keep track of the number of times that a task is moved to a new system trying to start it. After 3 hops taskman will reject the task. This will help keep it from filling up a disk.
41task description.03;E1,240FREE TEXTThis field holds the task description that was given by the creating application.
42schedule time seconds.04;1NUMERICThis field holds the Scheduled run time in seconds. It is value is $$H3^%ZTM().
51status code.1;1FREE TEXTThis is a status code to show that last know state of the task.
52last update $h.1;2FREE TEXTThis field holds the $H date when the status code was last updated.
53status notes.1;3FREE TEXTThis field holds and text string that was included to expaned the status code.
54job.1;4NUMERICThis field holds the $JOB value for the process that ran the task.
59.1stop flag.1;10FREE TEXTThis field holds the flag that indicates that the user has asked the task to stop.
59.8remember untill.1;8FREE TEXTThis field holds the $Horolog value for the date to remember the task untill. The task cleanup routine will not remove the task record untill after this date.
61message to user.11;E1,240FREE TEXTThis field holds and message that the task sends back to the used when checking the stop flag.
71error count.12;1NUMERICThis field holds a count of the retries if the sub-manager gets and error while setting up the task. The current limit is 5 before the sub-manager stops trying.
72error $h.12;2FREE TEXTThis field holds the $H value of when an eror occured.
73error message.12;3FREE TEXTThis field holds and OS error message if any error occurs.
81device iop value.2;1FREE TEXTThis field holds the string that will be passed to %ZIS in the IOP variable.
82$io value.2;2FREE TEXTThis field holds the resolved $IO value that was returned from %ZIS.
83device type.2;3FREE TEXTThis field holds the device type that was returned from %ZIS.
84device sub-type.2;4FREE TEXTThis field holds the Terminal Type value returned from %ZIS.
85device %is modifier.2;5FREE TEXTThis field holds any modifieds to the %ZIS call.
86host file address.2;6FREE TEXTIf the device requested is a Host File then this field holds the name of the Host file.
87sync flag.2;7FREE TEXTThis field holds the Sync Flag that will be used to control other tasks with the same Sync Flag. If one task with a Sync Flag doesn't finish properly other tasks with the same Sync Flag will be prevented from running.
88io reschedule count.2;8NUMERICThis field holds a count of the number of times a task has been re-Scheduled because the HFS or SPL type device has been busy. This can be used to find tasks that are looping because of a bad device.
91device file entry.21;1POINTER3.5This field holds the IEN of the device that was selected.
95device parameters.25;1FREE TEXTThis field holds other device parameters.
96hunt group name.26;1FREE TEXTThis field holds name of the hunt group that the device is in.
105creation dtCOMPUTEDConvert the creation $H into printable format.
106scheduled run dtCOMPUTEDConvert the scheduled run $H to printable format.
152status dtCOMPUTEDConvert the status $H to printable format.

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