This file hold records that relate to the scheduling of options to run on a one time basis or more likely on a schedule. There is one record for each time that an option is scheduled. This allows one option to be scheduled to run on more that one CPU or at more that one time without having to duplicated the option in the option file.
.01name(+)0;1POINTER19BThis field is a pointer to the OPTION file and indicates which option is to be scheduled to be run by taskman. Only options that have the 'Scheduleing Recommended' field set to YES can be selected.
2queued to run at what time0;2DATE-TIMEIf this field has a value, the Task Manager will try to run this OPTION on or after the date/time entered. This field should NOT have a value if the OPTION TYPE is MENU, INQUIRY, or EDIT, since it doesn't make sense to start up automatically a process that requires user terminal input.
3device for queued job output0;3FREE TEXTThe name of the device on which this Option will be queued to print by TaskMan. If, at the time the queueing, TaskMan cannot identify a device by this name, then the job will not be run.
4other device parameters0;4FREE TEXTThis field is not in use yet.
5queued to run on volume set0;5FREE TEXTThis field is used to let the Task Manager know where to run the queued job.
6rescheduling frequency0;6FREE TEXTThis field has a value only if the OPTION is to be re-queued automatically for a subsequent run every time it is run by the TaskManager. Valid codes are: Every n seconds nS Every n hours nH Every n days nD Every n months nM Day of Week day[@time] weekday D[@time] weekend day E[@time] (saturday, sunday) Different days in month nM(sch...) sch: dd[@time] day of month ie: 15 nDay[@time] day of week in month ie: 1W,3W first and third wednesday L last day:= M monday T tusday W wednesday R thursday F friday S saturday U sunday Examples: 1M(1,15) The first and 15th of the month. 1M(L) The last day of the month. 1M(LS) The last saturday of the month. W@4pm Each wednesday at 4 pm. D Each weekday
9special queueing0;9SET OF CODESS:STARTUP
SP:Startup Persistent
If this Option is set for "STARTUP", then TaskMan will queue the job to run whenever the TaskMan/computer is started up, i.e. at System Boot. If this Option is set for "Startup/Persistent", then Taskman will queue the job as it does for "STARTUP" and it will mark it as a persistent task to be restarted if it stops unexpectedly. If this Option is set for "Persistent" then TaskMan will run it on its normal schedule, marking it as Persistent, This way TaskMan will restart the task if it stops unexpectedly. When a task stop in a normal fashion its persistent flag will be cleared.
10other parameters2;0MULTIPLE19.21This multipule holds name-value pairs that are setup before the option is run.
11user to run task1.1;1POINTER200This field will allow a site to select the user that should run a given scheduled task. To set this field you must hold the XUMGR key. The user must be an ACTIVE user on the system. This is checked with $$ACTIVE^XUSER() An example would be to have Postmaster run the MailMan background filers. Or to create a special user to run HL7 background filers.
12task id1;1FREE TEXTThis field is only to be set by TASKMAN. It holds the TASK number that was assigned to run the option.
15task parameters3;E1,245FREE TEXTThis field holds a string that is passed to queued jobs thru the variable ZTQPARAM. You will have to lookup in the options description how to use this field.
99.1task defindCOMPUTED

Not Referenced