A set of formatting and physical structure specifications. Each column specification has a column type table element (SQLI_TABLE_ELEMENT) which contains the relational specifications, name and domain. The column specification contains those attributes required to locate the value in the global structure, and to project the value to the user.
.01c table element(+)0;1POINTER1.5216BIEN of table element.
1c file0;5NUMERICFileMan file (or subfile) ID, if column was derived from ^DD. NULL if column is generated by SQLI.
2c width0;2NUMERICField width for display This field is estimated by SQLI from evidence in ^DD unless it's specified with J modifier.
3c scale0;3NUMERICNumber of decimal points to display on output (numeric only). If scale is specified as 0, SQLI projects column as integer.
4c field0;6NUMERICFileMan field ID from ^DD NULL unless column is derived directly from the data dictionary.
5c not null0;7SET OF CODES0:Not required
When true (1) value is required, when false (0) not required.
6c secure0;8SET OF CODES0:Not secure
If true, there is a security screen, else not. When this flag is set, vendors should use DBS to retrieve data.
7c virtual0;9SET OF CODES0:Base column
1:Calculated value column
If true, the value is computed. Vendors should use DBS to get value.
8c parent0;10POINTER1.5217CColumn whose physical global structure precedes this column. Used to construct global root. Chain goes back to ^DIC.
9c global1;E1,245FREE TEXTM global fragment between this column and parent column. Contains node specifier for non-key columns. Key columns are constructed by SQLI and contain the multiple node specifier or ^DIC root.
10c piece0;11NUMERICThe piece address of the column in a data string. If the piece address was of form E1,30, this value is null.
11c extract from0;12NUMERICFirst character to be extracted with $EXTRACT NULL unless specified by form E1,30.
12c extract thru0;13NUMERICLast character to extract with $E
13c compute exec2;E1,245FREE TEXTComputation execute uses $$GET1^DIQ to return code by default
14c fm exec3;E1,245FREE TEXTStandard $$GET1^DIQ code to return value of pointer, variable pointer and computed values, or when security flag is set
15c pointer4;E1,245FREE TEXTSet translation string for SET, or global root for POINTER
16c output format0;4POINTER1.5214EIEN of default output format in SQLI_OUTPUT_FORMAT for this column Always present for SET, POINTER and VARIABLE-POINTER data types

Referenced by 3 types

  1. SQLI_COLUMN (1.5217) -- c_parent
  2. SQLI_PRIMARY_KEY (1.5218) -- p_column
  3. SQLI_FOREIGN_KEY (1.5219) -- f_clm_element