+---------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | Property of the US Government. | | No permission to copy or redistribute this software is given. | | Use of unreleased versions of this software requires the user | | to execute a written test agreement with the VistA Imaging | | Development Office of the Department of Veterans Affairs, | | telephone (301) 734-0100. | | | | The Food and Drug Administration classifies this software as | | a medical device. As such, it may not be changed in any way. | | Modifications to this software may result in an adulterated | | medical device under 21CFR820, the use of which is considered | | to be a violation of US Federal Statutes. | | | +---------------------------------------------------------------+ The Image Background Queue file is a holding file for all the entries to be processed by the Background Processor. Entries are made by Clinical Capture workstation, VistARad Diagnostic workstation, DICOM Image gateways or the Background Gui application for functions such as copying file to and from the jukebox and/or magnetic drives. The Background GUI application will update entries as well as remove entries from this file.
.001number11This is the internal entry number (IEN) of the QUEUE entry.
.01queue name0;1FREE TEXTName of the queue holding the entry.
.04place(+)0;12POINTER2006.1This field references the site parameter file. The Site parameter entry defines all of the attributes of Vista Imaging local area network. This includes facility user preferences, network write locations, etc.
1user0;2POINTER200Pointer to the user creating the entry in the queue.
2system volume group id0;3FREE TEXTThe identification of the system used to create the entry in the queue.
3request date & time0;4DATE-TIMEThe date and time that the entry was placed into the queue.
4completion status0;5FREE TEXTThe status of the handing of the request by the Background Processor. The field is null until the entry is processed in the background. A positive value indicates a successful completion of the request. A negative value indicates a failure to complete the request. Explanatory text follows the numeric status in this field
5completion date & time0;6DATE-TIMEThe date and time that the background processor finished the request.
6image pointer0;7FREE TEXTPointer to file 2005.
7queue type0;8FREE TEXTType of Background or DICOM processor queued process.
8queued sequence number0;9FREE TEXTIf this field is blank then this queued process record represents is in its initial instantiation.
9filepath0;10FREE TEXTComplete Filepath passed from the foreground to the Background Processor.
10queue data item 50;11FREE TEXTFifth parameter passed from the foreground to the Background Processor.

Referenced by 2 types

  1. IMAGE BACKGROUND QUEUE POINTER (2006.031) -- queue pointer
  2. IMPORT QUEUE (2006.034) -- name