This file allows us to map a given Radiology procedure to other procedures of interest based on grouping of CPT codes, or attributes associated with the CPT code (Modality, Body Part). This supports logic in the hanging protocols for automatically retrieving and displaying prior exams of interest when interpreting a new exam for a patient.
.01cpt code(+)0;1POINTER81BCPT code for creating an entry in this file.
1ama body region0;2POINTER2006.672This field contains generic body region descriptive information derived from the AMA CPT book. The values used are from the Radiology procedures section; it provides a general frame of reference when assigning Body Part asociations.
2vrad body region0;3FREE TEXTProvides another means for grouping body part designations.
3match group0;4POINTER2006.67CPTMATCHThis field points to another CPT entry in this file. It is used to identify another procedure that is "similar" to this one for automatic prior exams matching. As many CPTs as desired may point to the same MATCH GROUP CPT value--this will have the effect where any one of those procedures are thus part of the same group of exams for matching. I.e., looking for matching priors for any one of those values would be able to retrieve exams that correspond to all of the CPTs so defined.
4body part1;0MULTIPLE2006.674Searching for prior exams may be done by matching the Body Part(s) of the current exam with prior exams of the same Body Part as defined in this file. Note that prior exams matching logic may use Body Part in combination with Modality to find matching CPT codes.
5modality2;0MULTIPLE2006.675Searching for prior exams may be done by matching the Modality(s) of the current exam with prior exams of the same Modality. Note that the matching may optionally be based on Modality and Body Part in combination.

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  1. MAG RAD CPT MATCHING (2006.67) -- match group