This file stores the patient statement information that is sent from AR to CCPC.
.02ssn(+)0;2FREE TEXTThis is the SSN for the patient.
.03patient name(+)0;3FREE TEXTThis is the patient name as it appears on the statement.
.04amount due0;4NUMERICThis is the total amount due for that statement period.
.05prev bal0;5NUMERICThis is the amount of the previous balance on the previous statement.
.06total charges0;6NUMERICThis is the total amount of charges for this statement.
.07total credits0;7NUMERICThis is the total amount of charges for this patient statement.
.08new balance0;8NUMERICThis is the total credits to the patient account for this statement period.
.09process#0;9NUMERICThis is the process number for that patient statement.
.1process end time0;10DATE-TIMEThis is the time that the process that sets the entries ended.
.11ps segment0;11POINTER349This is the PS SEGMENT that contains this PH segment.
.12invalid statement error0;12POINTER349.7This is the error code for the record that was not accepted by CCPC.
.13principal0;13NUMERICThis is the principal amount recorded as the balance of the last statement.
.14interest0;14NUMERICThis is the interest amount recorded as the balance of the last statement.
.15admin0;15NUMERICThis is the administrative charges total as recorded with the last statement.
.16marshal fees0;16NUMERICThis is the administrative fees total as recorded with the last statement.
.17court costs0;17NUMERICThis is the total of marshal fees recorded as of the last statement.
.18ccpc file built0;18SET OF CODES0:NOT BUILT
This field will store a marker that the CCPC PATIENT STATEMENTS file (349.2) is a complete file for that statement day.
11address 11;1FREE TEXTThis is the first address line for the patient.
12address 21;2FREE TEXTThis is the second address line for the patient.
13address 31;3FREE TEXTThis is the street address line 3 for the patient.
14city1;4FREE TEXTThis is the city name for the patient address.
15state1;5FREE TEXTThis is the state name abbreviation for the patient address.
16zip code1;6FREE TEXTThis is the zip code for the patient address.
17foreign country1;7FREE TEXTThis is the country code field for the patient address.
20pd line2;0MULTIPLE349.21This is the PD segment level of the individual patient statement.
30special notices3;1FREE TEXTThis is the special notice information that prints on the patient statement.
40paragraph codes4;1FREE TEXTThis is the paragraph codes indicating what paragraphs will print on the patient statement.
51error code(s)5;1FREE TEXTThese are the error codes sent back by CCPC when a statement cannot be printed.
61ccpc printed6;1BOOLEAN1:Y
This field indicates whether the patient statement for this patient printed at the CCPC or not.
62large print needed on stmt7;1BOOLEAN1:YES
This field will identify 1st party debtors requiring statements with large print. This is the same field in file 340 field 111.

Not Referenced