Contains the items appearing on the SELECTION LISTS. A selection can be composed of several fields, hence can occupy several subcolumns. Only the text is stored here, not the MARKING SYMBOLS.
.01selection id(+)0;1FREE TEXTB The ID passed by the package.
.02place holder only0;2BOOLEAN0:NO
.03selection list(+)0;3POINTER357.2C Identifies the selection list that this selection belongs on.
.04selection group(+)0;4POINTER357.4D The SELECTION GROUP that the selection belongs to.The selection will appear under the group header on the form.
.05print order within group(+)0;5NUMERICDetermines the order that this selection entry will appear in under the header for the selection group.
.06place holder text0;6FREE TEXT
.07use as subheader?0;7BOOLEAN0:NO
One use that is being made of selections that are defined as place holders is to use them as subheaders. When this is done the text should be included with the header for the following selections. This field is used to allow that. If this field is set to YES for a place holder that contains text, the text will be used as a subheader (#1) and will be concatenated to the end of the header passed to PCE. The subheader is in use until a place holder is reached that ends it, or the group ends.
.08stop using subheader?0;8BOOLEAN0:NO
This field is used to signal that the subheader in use, defined by prior place holders, should be ended.
.09quantity0;9NUMERICThis field contains the number of occurrences for a particular selection. A value placed in this field will be passed to PCE as the quantity. Presently, the quantity field will only be asked for CPT codes.
1subcolumn value1;0MULTIPLE357.31 The selection can be composed of multiple fields. Each field occupies its own subcolumn on the form.
2.01narrative to send to pce2;1FREE TEXTEnter the narrative that should be sent to PCE when this selection is scanned. This will be the provider narrative that is shown in PCE and Problem List. If there is no entry in this field the text as it appears on the form will be sent as the narrative. This field can only be entered for the type of interfaces that allow adding this narrative, and then send the narrative to PCE.
2.02clinical lexicon entry2;2POINTER757.01This is the clinical lexicon entry this term should be associated with. Generally this is only completed for selections based on diagnosis. The clinical lexicon entry will be passed to pce when this selection is scanned. This allows maintaining the patient problem list associated with clinical terms.
2.03second code2;3FREE TEXTUsed to send additional codes along when one entry is bubbled.
2.04third code2;4FREE TEXTUsed to pass a third code to PCE for this one entry.
3cpt modifier3;0MULTIPLE357.33
4.01icd code edit date/time4;1DATE-TIMEIndicates date and time when the ICD diagnosis code was edited in the block/encounter form.
4.02icd changes made by4;2POINTER200Indicates the user who last made ICD changes to this record.

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