This file contains what type of Recall notification should be used. It holds various settings for each entry.
.01division name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBEnter in this field the name of a Recall "subset". If your site chooses to have all clinical areas send out recall notifications the same number of days before a recall date, all areas would be using Recall Letters, and all areas want to scan patient scheduled appointments the same number of days, you would need to only enter one entry. This entry can be your site's name. But, if your site has areas that want to have different settings for notification type, timeframe to send out cards/letters or the number of days to scan for looking at scheduled appointments then you would want separate entries.
1type of notification0;2SET OF CODESL:LETTERS
How should this Recall Reminder Division send out Notifications.
3auto print days0;4NUMERICPlease put in the number of days ahead of the Recall Reminder date that you would like to send out Notification.
4clean up day setting0;5NUMERICA background job runs nightly to delete recall reminders from the RECALL REMINDERS file if an appointment has been scheduled for the patient at the requested clinic. The background job scans the scheduled appointments, and if an appointment has been scheduled within the CLEAN UP DAY SETTING number of days (before or after) of the requested appointment date, then the appointment is considered to have fulfilled the recall reminder request, and the recall reminder is deleted. A copy of the recall reminder record is added to the RECALL REMINDERS REMOVED file, and the DELETE REASON is set to APPT SCHEDULED.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. RECALL REMINDERS TEAM (403.55) -- clinic recall param