This table holds the history of which users were assigned to each Team Position and when. Sites are NOT allowed to edit the structure of this file. Making any kind of revision to this file may result in a faulty performance of the Primary Care Management Software or other DHCP software that uses this file. Updates to this file should only be done as a result of an official patch to the Scheduling Module. Sites are NOT allowed to edit this file's fields via FileMan, without the direction of DHCP Customer Support. Deleting, changing, or adding entries to this file may result in faulty performance of the Primary Care Management Software or other DHCP software that uses this file.
.01team position(+)0;1POINTER404.57BThis is the entry in the Team Position file.
.02effective date(+)0;2DATE-TIMEThis is the date/time that the practitioner took over the team position.
.03practitioner(+)0;3POINTER200CThis is a staff member who is entered in the USR CLASS MEMBERSHIP file (8930.3).
.04status(+)0;4SET OF CODES1:ACTIVE
This indicates whether the practitioner's position assignment is active or inactive.
.05status reason(+)0;5POINTER403.44This is the reason that the position assignment changed.
.07user entering0;7POINTER200This field is a pointer to the person responsible for entering this entry. It is triggered by the .01 field.
.08date/time entered0;8DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date/time this entry was added to this file. It is triggered from the .01 field.
.09ftee equivalent0;9NUMERICWorkload measurement. This information is transmitted in the HL7 workload message.
.091date flagged for inactivation0;10DATE-TIMEAFLAGPractitioners may be flagged for inactivation if their person class is inconsistent with the position role and primary care designation. The flagging of providers is handled by PCMM NIGHTLY TASK option.
.096available positionsCOMPUTED
.097max number of patientsCOMPUTED
.098current active patientsCOMPUTED
.099adjusted panel sizeCOMPUTED
.11inactivated automatically0;11BOOLEAN1:YES
Set by background job. Do not edit This is set by the PCMM NIGHTLY TASK option when a flagged record remains inconsistent 6 months after installation of patch SD*5.3*297
1ftee history1;0MULTIPLE404.521Historical changes in FTEE values. This is set by crossreference, should not be edited.

Referenced by 3 types

  1. PCMM HL7 TRANSMISSION LOG (404.471) -- workload event pointer
  2. PCMM HL7 EVENT (404.48) -- event pointer
  3. PCMM PATIENT EVENTS (404.54) -- event date/time