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This file contains all letters that may be sent out by a site. These include letters notifying patients of future appointments, cancelled appointments, and scheduled admissions. The site can edit the text that they would like to appear in these letters.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThe name of a letter that has been initially created by the developer in a 'skeleton form' and the user edits the body of the letter. These letters are utilized mostly in the Scheduling Module of the MAS DHCP software.
1type(+)0;2FREE TEXTCThe letter created is assigned a type for user specific needs. For example, a letter created to alert a veteran that he has an appointment and a new travel legislation has been passed, the user may call this letter 'Beneficiary Travel'.
2initial section of letter1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThe initial section of the letter is the portion that has been pre-\ programmed by the developer to include items such as veteran's name, address, social security number and is in the format of a VA style letter. The first paragraph automatically lists the clinic and date/time he/she may have or had an appointment in one of the facility's outpatient areas.
3final section of letter2;0WORD-PROCESSINGThe final section of the letter is a word-processing field in which, through a scheduling menu option, the user can enter the body of the letter with site=specific information or announcements for the veteran.
4print default provider?3;1BOOLEANY:YES
This field controls the printing of the clinic default provider on a Scheduling letter regardless of its type.
5print clinic location?3;2BOOLEANY:YES
This field controls the printing of the clinic physical location for a Scheduling letter regardless of its type.

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