This file will contain the current transmission status of all Outpatient Encounters and Deleted Outpatient Encounters that have been transmitted or require transmission to the National Patient Care Database. Entries in this file are only created when an existing entry for the specified encounter does not exist. When an Outpatient Encounter is deleted, the entry in this file that pointed to that Outpatient Encounter is modified so that it points to the Deleted Outpatient Encounter that was created. This file does not contain the transmission history for an encounter.
.01number(+)0;1NUMERICBNumber to uniquely identify entries in the file. This number is automatically generated if a value of '+' is entered.
.02outpatient encounter0;2POINTER409.68AENCEntry in Outpatient Encounter file that requires transmission.
.03deleted outpatient encounter0;3POINTER409.74ADELEntry in Deleted Outpatient Encounter file that requires transmssion.
.04transmission required0;4BOOLEAN0:NO
Flag denoting if transmission of [Deleted] Outpatient Encounter is required.
.05transmission event0;5SET OF CODES0:RETRANSMIT
Code denoting action taken on [Deleted] Outpatient Encounter. Event relates to why the encounter is being transmitted to the National Patient Care Database (NPCDB). ADD - Check out complete; add entry to NPCDB EDIT - Encounter was editted; edit existing entry in NPCDB DELETE - Encounter was deleted; delete entry from NPCDB RETRANSMIT - Encounter being retransmitted * Encounter data not acknowledged by NPCDB within two days is automatically marked for retransmission * The option 'Retransmit Ambulatory Care Data by Date Range' marks encounters for retransmission * The nightly transmission includes encounters that are marked for retransmission
.06date/time of event0;6DATE-TIMEDate and [required] time specified action was taken on the [Deleted] Outpatient Encounter.
.07user causing event0;7POINTER200User causing the event to occur. If the event was caused by the nightly ACRP transmission job, the POSTMASTER (DUZ=.5) will be stored as the user.
11date/time of xmit to npcdb1;1DATE-TIMEAACLSTDate and [optional] time the [Deleted] Outpatient Encounter was last transmitted to the National Patient Care Database.
12message id of xmit to npcdb1;2FREE TEXTAACMIDMessage control ID of last transmission to National Patient Care Database.
13batch id of xmit to npcdb1;3FREE TEXTAACBIDBatch control ID of last transmission to National Patient Care Database.
14date/time of ack from npcdb1;4DATE-TIMEDate and [optional] time acknowledgement for last transmission to National Patient Care Database was received.
15ack code for ack from npcdb1;5SET OF CODESA:ACCEPTED
Code denoting type of acknowledgement received for last transmission to National Patient Care Database.
20.02encounter dateCOMPUTED
20.03hospital locationCOMPUTED
20.04patient ssnCOMPUTED
20.05encounter divisionCOMPUTED
20.06encounter division (internal)COMPUTED

Referenced by 2 types

  1. TRANSMITTED OUTPATIENT ENCOUNTER ERROR (409.75) -- transmitted encounter
  2. ACRP TRANSMISSION HISTORY (409.77) -- transmitted outpat encounter