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.01line item number(+)0;1NUMERICBThis is the item number for this request.
1description1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a description of the item being ordered.
2quantity(+)0;2NUMERICThis is the quantity of the item(s) requested.
3unit of purchase(+)0;3POINTER420.5This is the unit of measurement for items being procured. e.g., each, dozen, box, bottle, case, pound (lb.), square ft., etc.
4boc(+)0;4FREE TEXTThis is a fiscal code which describes the type of item/service being procured (associated with Control Points and Cost Centers). e.g., 2620 Office Supplies 2623 ADP Recording Media 2524 ADP Software BOC (Budget Object Code) replaces the 'subaccount' field for FMS.
5item master file no.0;5FREE TEXTAGThis is a number used to identify an item in the Item File when entering a repetitive form type (associated with the Item Master Number). e.g., 322 Widget-3/4 IN
6stock number0;6FREE TEXTThis is the item Federal Supply Service (FSS) Number; or National Stock Number (NSN); or any other stock number; or the manufacturer model number.
7est. item (unit) cost(+)0;7NUMERICThis is the individual unit cost of the item(s) in a dollar amount or N/C for no charge.
8item delivery points0;8FREE TEXTThis is an identification of the room(s), person(s), or section(s) to which the item is to be delivered.
9purchase order/obligation no0;10POINTER442This is the item purchase order/obligation number that is either generated on IFCAP or entered by the Control Point Clerk. For transactions generated on IFCAP, the number is transferred from the purchase order file. For transactions not generated on IFCAP (e.g.,travel voucher), the number is manually entered by the Control Point Clerk.
10intermediate product code0;11POINTER420.9This is the appropriate Intermediate Product Code for the item.
11receiving code sheet no.0;9POINTER423This is the computer generated number identifying the receiving code sheet transmitted to Austin, TX. It is associated with the CALM.LOG Code Sheet file, #423. It is composed of a Sequence Number and Fiscal Year. e.g., 106-91, 106 = Sequence Number; 91 = Fiscal Year.
12delivery schedule2;0MULTIPLE410.212This field is the Delivery Schedule of the Order File, #442.8.
13quantity posted (whse)0;12NUMERICThis field is used to store the quantity posted from the warehouse to a primary for issue book requests.
14quantity received (primary)0;13NUMERICThis field is used to store the quantity received from the warehouse to a primary for issue book requests.
15status0;14FREE TEXTThis field is used to indicate if an item is 'C'ancelled or 'S'ubstituted. If an item is substituted, it will also contain the line item number for the item(s) which were substituted for this item.
16po est. shipping3;1NUMERICThis is the shipping cost for the item as calculated on the purchase order.
17dm doc id4;1FREE TEXTThis is DynaMed's unique number associated with each item that is sent on a request order from DynaMed. It is composed of 1 digit for Year concatenated with 3 digit Julian Date a dash, concatenated with 4 digit Sequential Number and a dash, concatenated up to 6 characters (ex YDDD-9999-CCCCCC). This number is provided by DynaMed, a user's input is not required. DynaMed allows 16 characters maximum.
18date needed by4;2DATE-TIMEThis field holds a date when DynaMed anticipates an item should arrive. It is received in a Repetitive Item List(RIL) transaction for each item and then carried on to 2237 and then to Purchase Order as the item is processed through IFCAP.
100ecms itemuid4;3FREE TEXTThis field stores the eCMS internal, unique identifier for this 2237 item line. This field is populated by the eCMS/IFCAP interface.
445.01acct-boc445;1FREE TEXTThis field is used to build a cross-reference of the inventory account and BOC which is used to determine the FMS line number for the IV document. This field is populated during the issue book posting and adjustments in the inventory package.
445.02fmsline445;2NUMERICThis field is used to store the FMS IV document line number which was used for this account-BOC (field 445.01).
445.03total quantity posted445;3NUMERICThis field stores the total quantity posted by the warehouse.
445.04total inventory value445;4NUMERICThis field stores the total inventory value posted by the warehouse inventory point.
445.05total selling value445;5NUMERICThis field stores the total selling value posted by the warehouse inventory point.

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