This file contains barcode programs and data uploaded from the barcode reader to be used as part of the Barcode Inventory process.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field should be a short description of the data that will be collected and stored using the barcode program (field #1) that is contained in this file.
.02identifier0;2FREE TEXTCThis field is a unique IDENTIFIER of the data that will be stored in this file. When data is downloaded from a barcode program, the first record received should be the IDENTIFIER of the data being downloaded. Once the IDENTIFIER is known, then the data will stored in the BARCODE DATA multiple (446.42,1) for the appropriate entry. After the data has successfully been uploaded, then the proper LINE TAG (field #.03) and ROUTINE (field #.04) can be tasked to process the data. NOTE: The Identifier must be a package namespace followed by two characters. For example: If the program handles inventory of formulary drugs for outpatient, the identifier might be 'PSOFM'. The 'PSO' is the outpatient namespace and 'FM' is two characters that further describe the type of program.
.03post upload routine0;3FREE TEXTThis field contains the ANSI-MUMPS routine that will be called directly after a successful upload of data has taken place. This field can also contain a line tag. The dash (-) is used, instead of the up-arrow (^) to separate the line tag from the routine. For example, if the routine that should be called is EN^ENG you would enter EN-ENG in this field.
.04data processor routine0;4FREE TEXTThis field is the ANSI-MUMPS routine that will be tasked to taskmanager after data is uploaded from the barcode reader. This routine will be responsible for the processing of data in the BARCODE DATA multiple (data upload from the barcode reader). This field can also contain a line tag. The dash (-) is used, instead of the up-arrow (^) to separate the line tag from routine. For example, if the routine that should be called is EN^ENG you would enter EN-ENG in this field.
.05time to queue routine0;5FREE TEXTThis field contains the time of day that processing of data for this entry should take place. For example, if 1AM is entered into this field, then any data that needs to be processed for this entry will not take place until 1AM. This means that users could be allowed to upload data from a barcode reader during anytime of the day, but allows the local site to use this field to specify what time of the day the data should be processed. If this field is blank, then the processing of data will be immediate. NOTE: This field contains military time only. If, for example, 3pm is entered, this will be converted to 1500.
.06is device required ?0;6BOOLEAN0:NO
This field controls whether or not the user, after uploaded data to this file entry, is prompted for a device to task the processing. For example, some programs that process barcode data from this file will require a printer. If this field is set to 1 (YES), then the user will be prompted for a device. If this field is set to 0 (NO), then the user will not be prompted for a device and the job will run as a background job with no device associated with it.
.07purge days0;7NUMERICThis field is the maximum number of days that the DATE/TIME OF DATA UPLOAD data should exist on the computer system. For example: If this field is 20, any data that may have been uploaded over 20 days ago for this entry will be automatically deleted. Since barcode data is usually 'processed' within a day or two, it is not necessary to keep this information for a long period of time. It is recommended to keep this data for at least 7 days incase trouble-shooting is necessary. If no data is entered for this field, the default is 7 days.
.08last data purge flag0;8DATE-TIMEThis field is a flag set by the computer. It is updated by the computer as a means to keep track of when the next purge is scheduled to run or was last run. The purging of data is handled automatically and does not need to be run or queued to run by a user.
.09specialty commands0;9POINTER446.6This field identifies the specialty commands for the barcode program.
.1created by0;10POINTER200This field stores the user creating the barcode program.
.11site0;11FREE TEXTThis field stores the site creating the barcode program.
.12generic downloading?0;12BOOLEAN1:YES
This field determines whether or not a bar code program may be downloaded generally (via option PRCT DOWNLOAD BARCODE PROGRAM). If a bar code program expects that certain parameters will be passed to it from the host system, this field should be blank. Otherwise it may be set to '1'.
1barcode program1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis word-processing field is used for the storage of the barcode program for the barcode reader. The program can be downloaded from this field into the barcode reader directly. Comments should be included in the barcode program starting with two colons. During downloading of program from this file to the reader, all comments that use two colons will be striped off and not sent to the barcode reader. Comments do not need to be resident on the barcode reader itself and it is not recommended since it requires additional memory to store comments. It is recommended that comments be included at the end of every line of barcode program for debugging purposes. Also, utilities exist to aid you with comment alignment. For example, if a 200 line barcode program has comments at different columns, it makes read-ability of the barcode program very difficult. A utility exists to align all comments at a specific (e.g., 30, 35, 40, etc.) column of the barcode program.
2date/time of data upload2;0MULTIPLE446.42This multiple field stores the date and time of when the data was uploaded from a barcode reader and stored in this file.

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