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This file contains the rules used in administering an interview, survey or test. A rule is an action that is performed when a specified question is answered in a specified manner. An example of a rule would be to enter 'Not applicable' to the Question, "Are you pregnant?" if the patient has had a hysterectomy. Rules are complex logic based entries that enables the user to create complex scripts.
.01rule id(+)0;1NUMERICBThis is the unique index for this record. It is the IEN. Numbers under 100,000 are reserved for the national database and should not be edited locally.
1indexquestion0;2POINTER601.72Pointer to the QUESTION NUMBER Field (#.01) of the MH QUESTIONS file (#601.72) on which to run the rule.
2indexvalue0;3FREE TEXTValue of the index.
3indexvaluedatatype0;4FREE TEXTData type of the index value (viz. string, number, date, or VistA IEN).
4indexoperator0;5FREE TEXTLogical operator to use with index value.
5booloperator0;6FREE TEXTLogical operator like 'equals' to match the target response.
6targetquestion0;7POINTER601.72Pointer to the QUESTION NUMBER field ((#.01) of the MH QUESTIONS file (#601.72).
7targetvalue1;1FREE TEXTOften the Correct answer, this is the value against which to measure the response.
8targetvaluedatatype1;2FREE TEXTData type of the target value (viz. string, number, date, or VistA IEN).
9targetoperator1;3FREE TEXTLogical operator to use in comparisons.
10messagetext2;1FREE TEXTMessage given to the user when the rule is met.
Boolean specifying the type of rule to be a consistency check.

Referenced by 2 types

  1. MH SKIPPED QUESTIONS (601.79) -- rule id
  2. MH INSTRUMENTRULES (601.83) -- ruleid