This file contains a listing of all questions for all Psychological Interviews, Surveys and Tests. This allows usage of questions by multiple instruments. Each question can also be linked to an entry in the MH INTRODUCTIONS file (#601.73), the MH CHOICES file (#601.75), the MH CHOICETYPES file (#601.751) and the Hint field (#8) in the MH QUESTIONS file (#601.72).
.01question number(+)0;1NUMERICBUnique internal identifier of Questions. This is the IEN. All entries below 100,000 are national database entries and should not be edited at the local level.
1question text1;0WORD-PROCESSINGWord processing text of the Question.
2introduction2;1POINTER601.73Pointer to the MH Introduction file (#601.73), to associate the question with an introduction.
3response type2;2POINTER601.74Specifies which response type is expected. This is a pointer to the RESPONSE TYPE NUMNER field (#.01) of the MH RESPONSE TYPES file (#601.74).
4choicetype2;3FREE TEXTACTSpecifies a set of choices available as answers to this question.
5min2;4NUMERICA minimum number that is accepted as an answer to a numeric question.
6max2;5NUMERICA maximum number that is accepted as an answer to a numeric question.
7is required2;6BOOLEANY:Yes
Can the question be skipped.
8hint2;7FREE TEXTShort text that shows on the display when answering a question. This is often a prompt or explanation.

Referenced by 8 types

  1. MH INSTRUMENT CONTENT (601.76) -- question id
  2. MH SKIPPED QUESTIONS (601.79) -- skipped question id
  3. MH SECTIONS (601.81) -- firstquestion
  4. MH RULES (601.82) -- indexquestion, targetquestion
  5. MH INSTRUMENTRULES (601.83) -- questionid
  6. MH ANSWERS (601.85) -- question id
  7. MH SCORING KEYS (601.91) -- question
  8. MH CR SCRATCH (601.94) -- question