Engineering site parameter file. There should only be ONE entry in this file. If there is more than one entry, the routines will not know which one to believe and are likely to produce unexpected results.
.01station name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBFacility name. Should correspond to an entry in the DHCP Institution File.
1station number0;2NUMERICFacility identifier, usually three digits.
3pm hourly labor cost0;4NUMERICDefault value. If a device has an entry for estimated PM hours AND an entry for responsible tech, the labor cost will be taken from the Engineering Employee File (No. 6929). If there is an entry for estimated hours but NO entry for responsible tech, then this hourly figure will be used to compute total labor cost.
4delete pm work orders?0;5BOOLEANY:YES
Setting this field to 'YES' will cause PM work orders to be deleted from the system at close out time. Deletion of PM work orders is strongly recommended for sites that are short on disk space. The PMI will be posted to the equipment history (File 6914) before the actual work order is deleted.
5temporary work order section0;6POINTER6922 Intended for use at sites that allow direct entry of Engineering work orders by end-users. Since assignment of work requests to specific shops is an Engineering responsibility; 'electronic work orders' are initially directed to a 'fictitious shop' (or receiving area). Engineering should clean out a receiving area at least once a day. Electronic work orders may be transferred to working shops or disapproved. The system will keep a permanent record of the number originally assigned to each work order. This number may always be used to look up the request, no matter how many times it's transferred. Initial requesters may edit their requests; but not after Engineering has transferred them. 'Fictitious' shops should have numbers in the range of 90 to 99, 190 to 199, 290 to 299, 390 to 399, 490 to 499, 590 to 599, 690 to 699, 790 to 799, 890 to 899, and 990 to 999 inclusive. Multi-division sites may have more than one receiving area. If there is more than one receiving area AND if this field (TEMPORARY WORK ORDER SECTION) is left blank; end-users will be asked to specify the appropriate receiving area when they enter a work order.
5.1incoming inspection section0;13POINTER6922Engineering section that receives all incoming inspection work orders. This optional field is intended for use at sites that allow incoming inspection work orders to be generated during new equipment entry. The shop for these work orders will default to the shop specified here. If this field is left blank, the default work order shop will be the RESPONSIBLE SHOP for the equipment (if available) or a Receiving Area shop (similar to electronic work orders). Note that users who hold the ENPM security key can select any shop for these work orders. See the Software Option 'ASK INCOMING INSPECTION W.O.' for additional information.
6region0;7NUMERICThe VA Region (1 thru 4) in which facility is located. Used in electronic transmission of Five Year Facility Plans, Project Applications (Form 1193), and Construction Project Progress Reports (Form 10-0051).
7eqpt cat on bar code label?0;8BOOLEAN1:YES
Should be set to 'YES' if you want to print the EQUIPMENT CATEGORY at the top of your bar coded EQUIPMENT LABELs (instead of the words 'EQUIPMENT LABEL'. Due to space limitations on label stock, only the first twenty (20) characters of the EQUIPMENT CATEGORY will be printable.
8eqpt label print field1;0MULTIPLE6910.08Enter the FIELD NUMBER (from the Equipment File) of a field that you want to have printed (in human readable format) on your bar coded EQUIPMENT LABEL's. Please do not enter more than two (2) such fields. If more than two fields are specified, the system will accept the first two and ignore all others. MULTIPLE fields, WORD PROCESSING fields, and COMPUTED fields should not be selected for inclusion on bar coded EQUIPMENT LABEL's.
9comp list print field2;0MULTIPLE6910.09The field number (from the Equipment File) of a field or fields (no more than two) that you want to see on your Companion Lists.
10space funct on location label?0;9BOOLEAN0:NO
If set to 'YES' and if a SPACE FUNCTION exists for the subject location, then the first 20 characters of the SPACE FUNCTION will be printed at the top of your bar coded LOCATION LABELS.
11multi-division (y/n)0;10BOOLEAN1:YES
An indicator of whether a site is single or multi-divisional. Used primarily to determine whether or not users should be prompted for DIVISION when sorting selected reports.
12alternate station number3;0MULTIPLE6910.012
13visn0;11NUMERICEnter the VISN to which this facility belongs.
14network0;12FREE TEXTEnter the name of the network for this facility.
20equipment turn-in section20;1POINTER6922The Engineering Shop to which requests for assistance in de-installing a piece of equipment are to be automatically directed. This may be a fictitious shop (or holding area), much like the TEMPORARY WORK ORDER SECTION used for initial receipt of electronic work orders.
50work order message text5;0WORD-PROCESSING
100project planning rollup domain9;1POINTER4.2This field identifies the domain where the project planning module electronic transmissions should be sent. The 5-Yr Plan and Project Applications can be transmitted from the Project Planning module. This field does not have any effect on the destination of Progress Report (10-0051) transmissions.
101project tracking rollup domain9;2POINTER4.2This field identifies the domain where the project tracking module electronic transmissions should be sent. Construction Project Progress reports (0051) can be transmitted from this module. This field does not have any effect on the destination of project planning (Five Year Plan Project or Project Application) transmissions.

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