THIS FILE MUST NOT BE MODIFIED LOCALLY! ONLY AUTHORIZED NATIONAL REGISTRY DEVELOPERS CAN EDIT THIS FILE! The ROR METADATA file contains descriptors of the files, data elements and APIs used by the registry update subsystem (search engine). These descriptors define relationships between files ("file-processing tree") used by the search engine, data elements and APIs. The expression parser uses data stored in this file to validate expressions that implement selection rules. Data from this file loaded and prepared by the $$METADATA^RORUPR1 function is used by the registry update process to load values of the data elements using appropriate APIs. Developers can use this file as a source of information required for definition of new selection rules for new national or local registries (supported files and data elements, APIs, DBIAs, etc.). All modifications of the registry update routines that affect the file-processing tree, APIs or supported data elements MUST be reflected in the ROR METADATA file. Records of this file have internal entry numbers equal to the corresponding file numbers.
.01file(+)0;1NUMERICBThe value of this field is the number of the (sub)file that can be searched for new data by the registry update process and is a part of the file-processing tree.
1parent0;2POINTER799.2This field holds the number of the (sub)file that is a parent of the current file in the file-processing tree. You can choose only from the files that have descriptors in the ROR METADATA file. However, the current record cannot be selected as the parent of itself. Leave this field empty for the "root" file (the PATIENT file (#2) most probably). See the technical description of the field for more information.
2data element2;0MULTIPLE799.22This multiple stores a list of data elements supported by the search engine. These elements can be referenced by selection rules associated with the file. Records of the multiple are uniquely identified by the data element name (the primary key "B" and the uniqueness index "B" are used for this purpose).
3api3;0MULTIPLE799.23This multiple stores descriptors of the APIs that are used to load values of the search fields. Codes of the APIs are unique only in the file context. For example, the definition of any file can have a descriptor of the API #2. Internal entry numbers of the records in this multiple are equal to the codes of the APIs.
5description5;0WORD-PROCESSINGYou can enter any additional reference information related to the file definition. The content of this field is not used by the application.

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  1. ROR METADATA (799.2) -- parent