ICD Operations/Procedure file #80.1 contains codes from the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) Procedure Coding System (PCS) provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). This file contains both the 9th (ICD-9-PCS) and 10th (ICD-10-PCS) Revisions. If an entry needs to be added, modified or deleted, a patch will be issued containing the change. This table file should NOT be edited in anyway by the site.
.01code number(+)0;1FREE TEXTICD-9 or ICD-10 procedure code
1.1coding system1;1POINTER80.4This is the coding system to which the code belongs.
1.2identifier1;2FREE TEXTThis field contains Operations Identifiers.
Set of codes refers to body site of procedure, when for a Multiple Significant Trauma (MDC 24)
1.7icd expanded1;7BOOLEAN1:YES
This field is a flag indicating that the ICD code was expanded by the VA (local code).
1.8exclude from lookupCOMPUTEDThis is a computed field to indicate if a record in the Operations/Procedure file #80.1 should be excluded from lookup. Records excluded from lookup either have no activation history (sub-file 80.166) or have been modified by the VA (ICD EXPANDED field 1.7). If this computed field returns a 1, then it should not be used for lookup or included in lookup cross-references.
10sex3;0MULTIPLE80.11This is a history of the Sex designation (Male/Female) for the procedure and includes the Sex with the date it became effective.
20major o.r. procM;1FREE TEXTThis is the Major O.R procedure for this procedure code. See routine D MAJ^ICDHLPD for a listing of acceptable values for this field.
66status66;0MULTIPLE80.166This multiple contains versioned information for an ICD code. A new entry is created whenever an ICD code's status is changed.
67operation/procedure67;0MULTIPLE80.167This is a history of the operation/procedure (short text) to include the date the text was first used along with the text.
68description68;0MULTIPLE80.168This is a history of the descriptive text to include the date the text was first used and the text used.
71drg grouper2;0MULTIPLE80.171This is a history of the DRG Grouper Major Diagnostic Codes and DRGs for an ICD procedure code and contains the date the MDCs/DRGs became effective along with the MDCs and DRGs.
73drg procedure identifier codes73;0MULTIPLE80.173This is a listing of identifier codes used in the DRG rules processing to determine DRG.

Referenced by 11 types

  1. CATASTROPHIC DISABILITY REASONS (27.17) -- icd or cpt code
  2. PTF (45) -- procedure 1, procedure 2, procedure 3, procedure 4, procedure 5
  3. PTF EXPANDED CODE (45.89) -- diagnosis/procedure code
  4. DRG PROCEDURE (83.6) -- procedure
  5. FEE BASIS INVOICE (162.5) -- proc1, proc2, proc3, proc4, proc5, proc6, proc7, proc8, proc9, proc10, proc11, proc12, proc13, proc14, proc15, proc16, proc17, proc18, proc19, proc20, proc21, proc22, proc23, proc24, proc25
  6. HCS REVIEW TRANSMISSION (356.22) -- surgical procedure code
  7. INPATIENT PROCEDURE (356.91) -- procedure
  8. BILL/CLAIMS (399) -- *icd procedure code (1), *icd procedure code (2), *icd procedure code (3), procedures
  9. WV PROCEDURE TYPE (790.2) -- icd code
  10. LOCAL KEYWORD (8984.1) -- entry
  11. LOCAL SHORTCUT (8984.2) -- entry