This file defines Clinical Reminder terms. Terms have a number of uses, including as findings in a reminder definition, as finding rules for building patient lists, and as elements of extract finding groups. This file contains a combination of national, local, and VISN level terms. Nationally distributed entries will have a CLASS of "National" and the name is prefixed with "VA-". Any terms created at your site should have a CLASS of "Local". Terms created for VISN use will have a CLASS of "VISN" Before a term can be used, it must have findings mapped to it. The findings that can be mapped to a term are any of the standard Clinical Reminder findings with the exception of terms. Reminder terms are useful for national reminders involving findings that are based on local file definitions (e.g., laboratory test, drug file, radiology). National reminder terms have limited editing capabilities, which allow sites to map their local finding items to a term. Sites may create local reminder terms, providing an easy way to group a variety of findings and treat them the same way in a reminder. When a reminder with terms is evaluated, the finding items mapped to the term are used to find the patient data, but the patient data is reported based on the term the data is mapped to.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTThis is the name of the term. The names of national terms are prefixed with "VA-".
.04date created(+)0;4DATE-TIMEThis is the date when the term was created.
1description1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a description of the term.
20findings20;0MULTIPLE811.52This multiple identifies which finding items have been selected to represent the term. If there is more than one finding item, they will all be evaluated and the most recent finding will represent the term.
100class(+)100;1SET OF CODESN:NATIONAL
This is the class of the term. Possible classes are "N" for national, "V" for VISN, and "L" for local. For national terms, only the finding list can be edited.
101sponsor100;2POINTER811.6This is the organization, group, or individual that sponsors this definition.
102review date100;3DATE-TIMEReview Date is used to determine when the term should be reviewed to verify that it is current with the latest standards and guidelines. You can find all terms whose review date has passed using the Clinical Reminder Review Date Report.
110edit history110;0MULTIPLE811.53This multiple is used to record a history of changes made to the term.

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