This file contains settable parameters that control the behavior of various components of the CIRN Object Repository.
.01site(+)0;1NUMERICBThis is a dummy field whose value should always be 1.
.5package manager mail group0;5POINTER3.8This is the mail group to whom package-critical status messages should be sent.
1recent results index retention0;2NUMERICWhenever new data are stored in the COR, an entry is made in the Recent Results Index that shows the date when the entry was stored. This index can be used when browsing the COR to restrict the search to data stored within the recent past. This parameter permits the site to dictate how many days worth of data are to be tracked by this index. The nightly purge will remove any entries older than the threshold set by this parameter. Typical values will range from 3-5 days, but should be determined by local clinical needs and storage capacity.
2access log retention0;3NUMERICThis parameter dictates how many days worth of CIRN ACCESS LOG data are to be maintained. Entries older than this threshold are removed by the nightly purge. The value of this parameter is entirely up to the discretion of the local site. Obviously, larger values will incur more storage requirements.
3transmitted result retention0;4NUMERICNumber of days to retain verified and transmitted data from the CIRN data entry holding area. Data older than this threshold are deleted by the nightly purge.
4exception log retention0;6NUMERICNumber of days to retain entries in the CIRN HL7 EXCEPTION LOG file. See a description of this file for information about its purpose. Entries older than this threshold are removed by the nightly purge.
5suppress exception alerts?0;7BOOLEAN0:NO
When set to yes, this parameter suppresses the generation of all alerts or email messages when an exception is logged. This setting overrides that specified for individual exception types. It is advisable to set this parameter to yes during historical load operations to avoid transmitting large numbers of alerts.
6minimal exception logging?0;8BOOLEAN0:NO
If yes, entries are created in the CIRN HL7 EXCEPTION file only if an exception is logged. Otherwise, an entry is created each time an event or message is processed. The latter permits better tracking of background activity, but at the expense of greater storage consumption.
10standard timezoneTZ;1POINTER4.4This is a pointer to the MAILMAN TIME ZONE file (#4.4) and indicates the standard time zone for this site.
11dst timezoneTZ;2POINTER4.4Timezone active during daylight savings time. If this locale does not honor daylight savings time, you may either leave this entry blank or enter same timezone as standard time.

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