This file identifies the action types which may be used by a service to track activity related to a consult or request. Certain action types may have a "GMRCACT " protocol entry in the Protocol File (101) which corresponds to the action type. Two actions should not point to the same protocol.
.001number11The internal entry number of the Request Action Type.
.01action type(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis file contains the tracking actions which may be taken to track a Consult or Request order from its entry in CPRS through its resolution. This file also contains relationships of CPRS statuses which are the result of the action taken.
1related oe/rr status0;2POINTER100.01ACThis is the CPRS status which will be used to update the order in OE/RR when this action is taken.
3disabled message0;4FREE TEXTThis field displays a 'DISABLED' message when this CPRS status has been disabled.
4hl7 control code from consults0;5FREE TEXTThis field indicates what HL7 control code is passed to CPRS from Consults. Example: "SN"=Service entered, backdoor consult, automatically released from CPRS, though signatures may still be required depending on nature of order "OD"=Discontinued "OC"=Denied by service (Cancelled) "SC"=Service status update (generic status change) for active and partial results "XX"=Forwarded "RE"=Completed
5hl7 control code from cprs0;6FREE TEXTDThis field indicates what HL7 control code is passed from CPRS to Consults. Example: "NW"=New consult entered and released through CPRS "CA"=Cancelled via the orders tab "DC"=Discontinued
6hl7 table 38 order status0;7FREE TEXTThis field is for documenting purposes and contains the related Table 38 order status from HL7 for each activity.
7action print name0;8FREE TEXTThis field is used on the 513 Form as a header for comments.

Referenced by 2 types

  1. PROTOCOL (101) -- file link
  2. REQUEST/CONSULTATION (123) -- last action taken