This file contains the possible statuses that may be associated with an order in OE/RR. Per VHA Directive 2005-044, this file has been "locked down" by Data Standardization (DS). The file definition (i.e. data dictionary) shall not be modified. All additions, changes and deletions to entries in the file shall be done by Enterprise Reference Terminology (ERT) using the Master File Server (MFS), provided by Common Services (CS). Creating and/or editing locally defined fields in the file are not permitted. Use of locally defined fields that were created prior to VHA Directive 2005-044 shall not be supported.
.001number11This is the number of the status entry. All entries are reserved.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the name of the status.
.02short name0;2FREE TEXTThis is a shorter version of the status name to be displayed on the Orders tab of the CPRS Chart.
.1abbreviation.1;E1,245FREE TEXTThis is the abbreviation of the status to be displayed on order reviews and printouts. The abbreviation is placed in its own node of the global and the entire node is reserved. This allows for the possibility of an abbreviation which contains an up arrow.
2description1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is the description of the status.
99.98master entry for vuid(+)VUID;2BOOLEAN1:YES
This field identifies the Master entry for a VUID associated with a Term/Concept.
99.99vuid(+)VUID;1FREE TEXTAVUIDVHA Unique ID (VUID). A unique meaningless integer assigned to reference terms VHA wide.
99.991effective date/timeTERMSTATUS;0MULTIPLE100.0199Describes the pair Status and Effective Date/Time for each reference term.

Referenced by 5 types

  1. ORDER (100) -- status
  2. ORDER REASON (100.03) -- message status
  3. ORDER CHECK INSTANCES (100.05) -- status
  4. REQUEST/CONSULTATION (123) -- cprs status
  5. REQUEST ACTION TYPES (123.1) -- related oe/rr status