DO NOT delete entries in this file. DO NOT edit data in this file with VA File Manager. This file stores individual transactions for outpatient medication copayments. The transactions in this file will be used to store detailed information about a patient's rx copayments, including amounts billed and not billed. There should be transactions stored in this file for both this facility and other treating facilities through out the VA system. Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, this file definition should not be modified.
.01transaction number(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the transaction number. The format is: Station number (3 digits) - Sequential Number
.02patient(+)0;2POINTER354.7This is the pointer to the patient copay account. The ien stored here is the same as the patient's dfn.
.03trans effective date(+)0;3DATE-TIMEAEThis is the effective date of the transaction that is used to determine the month/year in which to count the transaction amount towards the patient's cap.
.04ib action pointer0;4POINTER350This is a pointer to the INTEGRATED BILLING ACTION (#350) file. This will only be filled in for entries that have been billed.
ACThis is the status of this transaction.
.06resulting from(+)0;6FREE TEXTThis is a soft link pointer to indicate where this transaction came from. The information should be in the following format: Station Number:File Number:IEN;refill number (if any)
.07units0;7NUMERICThis is the number of units for this transaction.
.08total charge0;8NUMERICThis is the total charge for this transaction.
.09brief description0;9FREE TEXTThis is descriptive information regarding this transaction.
.1parent transaction entry0;10POINTER354.71AFThis is a pointer to the parent transaction entry. If this is the same as this entry, then this is the parent.
.11billed amount0;11NUMERICThis is the amount that was billed for this transaction.
.12non-billable amount0;12NUMERICThis is the non-billable amount for this transaction.
.13institution0;13POINTER4This pointer indicates where this account transaction came from.
.14user adding entry0;14POINTER200This is the person who added this entry. This may be a remote person since they are also stored in the New Person file.
.15date entry added0;15DATE-TIMEThis indicates when this entry was added.
.16user last updating0;16POINTER200This is the person who last updated this transaction.
.17date last updated0;17DATE-TIMEThis is the last date/time this transaction was updated.
.18action type0;18POINTER350.1This pointer to the action type identifies what action type this transaction was created with.
.19cancellation reason0;19POINTER350.3This is the reason this transaction is cancelled.
.2pfss remote transaction0;20BOOLEAN0:NO
This field is a flag/indicator that this billing transaction is from a PFSS remote system to the local VistA M system. It is used to determine which system should be used for update processing.
1transmission record1;0MULTIPLE354.711This is a record of transmission(s) to each facility that is a treating facility for the patient. This record will indicate if a transmission has been accepted or not at the individual facilities.

Referenced by 3 types

  1. PRESCRIPTION (52) -- copay exceeding cap
  2. INTEGRATED BILLING ACTION (350) -- ib copay transaction number
  3. IB COPAY TRANSACTIONS (354.71) -- parent transaction entry