This file is to allow the claims tracking module store the admitting physician. In addition, the attending and resident providers can be identified in this file. If attending and resident providers are entered then they are assume to be entered completely for an episode of care being tracked. If no provider other than admitting physician is entered then the providers and attending from MAS will be considered to the the correct providers. Because QM data may be extracting this data on the national roll-up, it is necessary to correctly identify the attending physician. Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, this file definition should not be modified.
.01date of change(+)0;1DATE-TIMEBThis is the first day that this provider is responsible for care for the patient. Enter the date that the provider assumes responsibility. For claims tracking purposes the provider will be resonsible for the care from this date (inclusive) until another provider assumes responsibility for the same level. The date must not be before the admission date or after the discharge date. If a current inpatient, it can not be more than 7 days into the future.
.02admission movement(+)0;2POINTER405CThis is the admission movement that the provider is responsible for.
.03provider0;3POINTER200DEnter the name of the provider who is responsible for care of this patient.
.04type provider(+)0;4SET OF CODES1:ATTENDING
Enter whether this physician is an attending physician, admitting physician, or the daily care provider (or resident). It may be that the admitting physician is different from either the attending or provider. If the admission to acure care does not meet UR criteria, it is important to track the admitting physician. The attending physician is the physician responsible for the care of the patient, more than one physician may be the attending. The provider is the physician directly providing patient care. In affiliated hospitals this can be a resident or intern who is not necessarily responsible (the attending is responsible). Because UR reviews are done every day, it is important to be able to accurately track attendings and providers related to care that does not meet critea.

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