This file holds information describing each PDX transaction. A PDX transaction is created when one of the following events occur. (1) A PDX Request is defined and sent (2) A PDX Request is received from a remote facility (3) An Unsolicited PDX is defined and sent (4) An Unsolicited PDX is received from a remote facility Per VHA Directive 10-93-142, this file definition should not be modified.
.01transaction number(+)0;1NUMERICB Unique number identifying the transaction.
.02current status0;2POINTER394.85STATUSCurrent status of the transaction.
.03patient ptr0;3POINTER2PATPTRLink to where the patient is stored locally.
.04sensitive patient0;4BOOLEAN1:YES
Set to YES if the patient was flagged as sensitive at the remote facility.
.05release status0;5POINTER394.85This is used when a PDX Request has been processed and requires transmission. The status placed here will be used when building the resulting message (i.e. background job building message will use this status).
.06remote transaction number0;6NUMERICThis is used to store the transaction number of this transaction on the remote system. This field will primarily be used for PDX Requests and Unsolicited PDXs that have been received from a remote facility.
.07remote version number0;7NUMERICThis is used to store the version of PDX that the remote site is using. This field will primarily be used when requests are processed and returned and when a message must be retransmitted.
10patient's nameQRY;1FREE TEXTNAMEName of the patient.
11patient's ssnQRY;2FREE TEXTSSNSocial Security Number of the patient.
12patient's dobQRY;3DATE-TIMEDate the patient was born.
13patient idQRY;4FREE TEXTA unique identifier of the patient.
20date/time of requestRQST1;1DATE-TIMEDate and time the request was made.
21requestorRQST1;2FREE TEXTACPerson who initiated the request.
30requesting siteRQST2;1FREE TEXTFrom where the request was initiated.
31requesting addressRQST2;2FREE TEXTNetwork address of the requesting site.
Set to YES if data was encrypted for transmission.
41encryption methodNCRPT;2POINTER394.72Type of encryption used.
50date/time of replyATHR1;1DATE-TIMEDate and time the reply was received.
51authorizerATHR1;2FREE TEXTPerson who released the patient information.
60authorizing siteATHR2;1FREE TEXTFrom where the patient information came.
61authorizing addressATHR2;2FREE TEXTNetwork address of the authorizing site.
70data in notificationNTFY1;1BOOLEAN1:YES
Set to YES if requested data is included in the return of data notification(s).
71notifyNTFY2;0MULTIPLE394.6171Multiple containing all people to notify upon return of data.
80data segmentSEG;0MULTIPLE394.618Multiple containing the data segments contained in the transaction.
PURGEFlag indicating if the transaction should be deleted.
100commentCMNT;0WORD-PROCESSINGComment that was associated with the transaction.

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