This file contains the scheduling parameters.
.001entry number11This field is the primary key field in the Scheduling Parameter file. A site has only one scheduling parameter table entry and it must equal 1.
.01id(+)0;1NUMERICBInternal entry number of parameter entry. It must equal 1. This field is the internal entry number to the parameter file and it must equal 1. A site has only one scheduling parameter table entry.
70.01sd70 install datePATCH70;1DATE-TIMEThis contains the date that patch SD*5.3*70 was installed, and is used by the clean-up routine to check if dates must be reviewed.
70.02sd70 last datePATCH70;2DATE-TIMEThis monitors the HL7 segments clean-up from patch SD*5.3*70.
192.1cwt extract 1 run dayPATCH192;1NUMERICThis field holds the day the 'Clinic Waiting Time' extract (1) will normally be scheduled to run, where '1' = the first day of the month, etc. A selection of '31' equates to the last day of the month (regardless of the actual length of the month).
192.2cwt extract 1 lengthPATCH192;2NUMERICThis field holds the number of days the 'Clinic Waiting Time' extract (1) will return data for when it runs.
192.3cwt extract 2 run dayPATCH192;3NUMERICThis field holds the day the 'Clinic Waiting Time' extract (2) will normally be scheduled to run, where '1' represents the first day of the month, etc. A selection of '31' equates to the last day of the month, regardless of the actual length of the month.
192.4cwt extract 2 lengthPATCH192;4NUMERICThis field holds the number of days for which data will be returned by the 'Clinic Waiting Time' extract (2). A selection of '31' will return the whole month, regardless of the length of the month.
192.5cwt extract intervalPATCH192;5SET OF CODESM:MONTHLY
This field determines how often the 'Clinic Waiting Time' extract should be queued.
192.6cwt default run time(+)PATCH192;6NUMERICThis field holds the default run time for automatic queueing of Clinic Waiting Time extracts.
192.7cwt extract 1 destination(+)PATCH192;7FREE TEXTThis is the remote mail group which will receive transmissions of CWT extract 1.
192.8cwt extract 2 destination(+)PATCH192;8FREE TEXTThis is the remote mail group which will receive transmissions of CWT extract 2.
701last xmit outpat enc number(+)AMB;1NUMERICThis field contains the last value used for the NUMBER field (#.01) when creating entries in the TRANSMITTED OUTPATIENT ENCOUNTER file (#409.73).
702amb care hl7 dateAMB;2DATE-TIMEThis is the date when the software is to begin storing and transmitting the new data for the Ambulatory Care Reporting project. In this case this date will be 10/1/96
703amb care close outAMB;3DATE-TIMEThis field contains the closeout date for the OPC generation and transmission.
704amb care lag for ackAMB;4NUMERICNumber of days to wait for acknowledgments to Ambulatory Care transmissions
705clinic update queued forAMB;5DATE-TIMEDate/time updating all clinic entries in Hospital Location file was queued to run. This value is entered during the installation process.
706clinic update task #AMB;6NUMERICTask number assigned to background job that will upate all clinic entries in Hospital Location file. This value is entered during the installation process.
707clinic update completed onAMB;7DATE-TIMEDate/time updating all clinic entries in Hospital Location file was completed. This value is entered by the background job.
708ambcare message linesAMB;8NUMERICThis field contains the maximum number of lines that can be contained in batch HL7 messages.
709encounter dayAMBCLN;0MULTIPLE404.91709This multiple has been added for patch 102. It contains information for each encounter date reviewed.
710npcd encounter month710;0MULTIPLE404.9171This field is not used after installing SD*5.3*247 because the close out dates will be calculated. The previous description: This multiple will contain close out dates of the National Patient Care Database (NPCD) for a given month/year that an encounter can occur.
801use usr class functionality?PCMM;1BOOLEAN1:YES
This tells the PCMM software to use TIU's USR Class functionality that tells if a user is a member of a user class. If this is unanswered or 'NO', any staff member in the NEW PERSON File (#200) will be assignable to team positions.
802check pc team at discharge?PCMM;2BOOLEAN1:YES
This controls whether the user will be asked if they want to assign the patient to a primary care team upon inpatient discharge. Edits to discharges will also evoke this functionality.
803enable autolink functionality?PCMM;3BOOLEAN1:YES
This should generally be turned on only for sites with CPRS installed.
804reassignment mail groupPCMM;4POINTER3.8This field is a pointer to the mail group file. The mail group that it points to is the group that will receive the Multiple Reassignment mail message.
901earliest encounter dateCNV;1DATE-TIMEThis field contains the earliest date to convert encounters. For example, if 10/1/94 is entered in this field, encounters before 10/1/94 cannot be converted using the ACRP Database Conversion patch (SD*5.3*211). Also, in order to 'complete' the conversion and delete the old Scheduling data files, all encounter data from this date through 9/30/96 must be converted.
902conversion default disp clinicCNV;2POINTER44This field contains a pointer to a disposition clinic. The value of this field will be used by the ACRP Database Conversion patch (SD*5.3*211). If during the conversion the division of a disposition is not associated with any valid disposition clinic then this field will be used. This situation may occur for very old dispositions. If this situation does occur and this field has no value then the disposition will not be converted.
903dt sched file delete completedCNV;3DATE-TIMEThis is the date the SCHEDULING VISITS, OUTPATIENT DIAGNOSIS, OUTPATIENT PROVIDER and the OPC files were deleted from the system. Once this date has been entered, the Scheduling system will no longer check these files for past encounter data. It will use only the PCE V-files.
904date conversion completedCNV;4DATE-TIMEThis is the date the ACRP Database Conversion has been completed. After this date is entered, no more Conversion Specification Templates (CST) can be executed.
905limit conv range to 1 yearCNV;5BOOLEAN0:NO
This field will be YES (1) if you wish to limit the date range for a Conversion Specification Template (CST) to at most 1 year at a time.
906re-conversion allowedCNV;6BOOLEAN1:YES
WARNING: The site should only set to 'YES' if instructed to by National VistA Support (NVS) staff. This field needs to be set to 'YES' in order for the site to schedule a 're-convert' event using ACRP Database Conversion patch functionality. A 're-convert' event will delete each OUTPATIENT ENCOUNTER (#409.68) and VISIT (#9000010) file entries that were created by the conversion for an encounter. Next, the conversion logic will again be executed for the encounter. This parameter is initially set to 'NO' (i.e. 0 or null).
907maximum errors allowedCNV;7NUMERICIf a Conversion Specification Template (CST) produces this many errors in the CST error log, then processing of the conversion for the template will be forced to stop. If a value for this field is not specified, the system will use 1000.
908data transfer completedCNV;8DATE-TIMEThis field contains the completion date and time of the transfer of user related data from the SCHEDULING VISITS (#409.5) file to the OUTPATIENT ENCOUNTER (#409.68) file for visits after 10/1/1996. This transfer occurs as part of the post-install of patch SD*5.3*211. This field is used by the post-init to determine if the transfer needs to be performed. If the field is set, the transfer does not need to be performed. For test sites, this will be particularly helpful since they may need to load the patch numerous times.
909display cancelled templatesCNV;9BOOLEAN0:NO
This parameter indicates whether or not cancelled Conversion Specification Templates (CSTs) are included in the list of templates displayed while using the 'ACRP Database Converion' [SCCV CONV MAIN OPTION] option. This parameter is initially set to 'NO' (i.e. 0 or null).
1000file deletion logDELETED;0MULTIPLE404.9101This multiple keeps track of when a Scheduling file was deleted as part of ACRP Database Conversion (SD*5.3*211). The file, user responsible and the date/time of deletion are tracked.

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