.01transaction id(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is an identifier unique to this record.
1dfn0;2POINTER2This is a pointer to the PATIENT (#2) file.
2ordering location0;3FREE TEXTThis is the location associated with the patient hospital location at the time of order.
3transfusion location0;4FREE TEXTIdentifies the VBECS Facility ID (3-5 character station number) of the Blood Bank where the specimen work (pre-transfusion testing) is done. This field will consist of the station number + the division of where the Blood Bank is located.
4physician0;5FREE TEXTThis field contains the name of the provider that ordered the blood product for transfusion, when avialable in VBECS. This physician may or may not be the same as the ORDERING PROVIDER.
5ordering provider0;6POINTER200This is the IEN from file 200 of the provider that ordered the Type and Crossmatch in preparation for a transfusion.
6product name0;7FREE TEXTThis is the PRODUCT NAME and is also referred to as the COMPONENT.
7component abbreviation0;8FREE TEXTThis field contains the Component Class Short Name for the transfused component. The abbreviations for component classes are: RBC = RED BLOOD CELLS FFP = FRESH FROZEN PLASMA CRYO = CRYOPRECIPITATE PLT = PLATELETS OTHER = OTHER WB = WHOLE BLOOD
8number of units0;9NUMERICThis is the total number of units pooled for transfusion. The data from VBECS should consist of the total number of units transfused.
9date/time of transfusion0;10DATE-TIMECThis field contains the date and time of the blood component transfusion.
10date/time of record0;11DATE-TIMEDThis is the date and time that this record was created.
11volume0;12NUMERICThis is the total transfused volume.
12reaction type0;13FREE TEXTThis is the type of transfusion reaction. It should consist of the first 10 characters from the VBECS source file. The values stored in this field and the full tex associated wiht them are as follows: Anaphylaxi = Anaphylaxis Circulator = Circulatory Delayed He = Delayed Hemolytic Febrile No = Febrile Nonhemolytic Graft vs. = Graft vs. Host disease Acute Hemo = Acute Hemolytic Transfusio = Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury Other = Other Post Trans = Post Transfusion - Associated Disease Urticaria = Urticaria
13unit modification0;14FREE TEXTThis field notes the type of modification made to the unit before transfusion. The modification types are indicated by a single character code. Multiple modifications are indicated as a string of single character codes. The codes are as follows: D = Deglycerolize, F = Freeze, I = Irradiate, L = Leukoreduce, P = Pool, R = Rejuvenate, S = Split/Divide, T = Thaw, U = Thaw/Pool Cryo, V = Volume Reduce, W = Wash
14transfusion reaction0;15BOOLEAN1:YES
This field is used to indicate if a transfusion reaction has been indicated or not.

Not Referenced