This file contains the print formats for the following types of imaging output: o flash cards o exam labels o jacket labels o report headers o report footers The entries are all site specific. No entries are loaded when the module is initialized. Each format can contain any of the fields from the 'LABEL PRINT FIELDS' file. Also, if the same print field is desired more than once on the same 'format', then enclose the print field name in double quotes ("). For example, if two FREE TEXT fields are needed on a report header, then at the 'Select PRINT FIELDS:' prompt enter "FREE TEXT". Data Storage ------------ The data for the 'LBL/HDR/FTR FORMATS' file is stored in the ^RA(78.2, global. At the present time this file is very static after day-one initialization is complete. However, it still should be journaled. It should also be translated if the operating system supports this function. Input Templates --------------- The following is a list of input templates used by the package and the entry in the OPTIONS file (#19) that uses the template: Compiled Name Routine Description; Option(s) ---- ------- ---------------------- RA FLASH CARD EDIT Use to enter/edit formats into this file; RA FLASHFORM This input template should not be modified. Print Templates --------------- The following is a list of print templates used by the package: Name Description; Option(s) ---- ---------------------- RA FLASH PRINT Prints a listing of formats and their attributes; RA FLASHFORMP Sort Templates -------------- The following is a list of sort templates associated with this file: Name Related Print Template ---- ---------------------- RA FLASH PRINT RA FLASH PRINT The modification of any sort template is not recommended.
.01format name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contains the name associated with this format. Format names are assigned by each site and must be 3 to 30 non-numeric characters in length. Following are the potential uses of the formats you are defining: 1) Flash cards 2) Jacket labels 3) Exam labels 4) Report headers 5) Report footers This field is pointed to by the corresponding rad/nuc med location parameters of the 'Imaging Locations' file.
2number of rows in format(+)0;2NUMERICThis field contains the number of rows desired in this format. The total number of rows allowed is limited to 66. The amount of rows may be set greater than the actual amount of lines necessary for the printing of the format. For example, if it is desired to have a blank line at the beginning, the first print field can be set to start at row 2 to produce the blank line at the beginning. Also, blank lines may be added at the end by having the total number of rows greater than the line number where the last print field actually prints.
50print fields1;0MULTIPLE78.21This multiple field contains information about how to set up the fields that will be printed for this format.
100compiled logicE;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field contains the mumps source code produced as a result of defining the print fields. It is executed when this format is used by the rad/nuc med system. This word processing, multiple field is system generated and never seen by the user.

Referenced by 2 types

  1. RAD/NUC MED PROCEDURES (71) -- required flash card format
  2. IMAGING LOCATIONS (79.1) -- default flash card format, default exam label format, default jacket label format, default report header format, default report footer format