This file contains all the procedures that may be associated with an imaging exam. The entries in this file are the allowable choices the user will be able to pick from at the procedure prompt. This prompt appears as part of the 'Register', 'Case No. Edit' and the 'Exam Status Tracking' functions of the module. If the procedure has an inactivation date less than the current date then the procedure is not a valid choice and will not appear on the list of valid/active procedures when displayed to the user. Once this software is in production, you should never delete any entries. Entries can be deactivated by entering an 'inactivation' date for the entry. Adding new entries is always allowed. Data Storage ------------ The data for the 'RAD/NUC MED PROCEDURES' file is stored in the ^RAMIS(71, global. At the present time this file is very static after day-one initialization is complete. However, it still should be journaled. It should also be translated if the operating system supports this function. Input Templates --------------- The following is a list of input templates used by the package and the entry in the OPTIONS file (#19) that uses the template: Name Routine Description; Option(s) Compiled ____ ________ ____________ RA PROCEDURE EDIT Use to enter/edit procedure to the file; If any modifications to this input template are needed for local purposes, then great care should be taken not to degrade any branching logic in the template. Print Templates --------------- The following is a list of print templates used by the package: Name Description; Option(s) ____ ______________________ RA ALPHA LIST OF ACTIVES Prints a listing of procedures and used with the ALPHA LIST OF ACTIVES sort template to list only 'active' procedures; RA ALPHALIST RA PROCEDURE LIST Prints a 'long' listing of procedures; RA PROCLONG, RA INACPRCLONG, RA PROCSERIES RA PROCEDURE SHORT LIST Prints a 'short' listing of procedures; RA PROCSHORT, RA INACPRCSHORT Sort Templates -------------- The following is a list of sort templates used by the package: Name Related Print Template ---- ---------------------- RA ALPHA LIST OF ACTIVES ALPHA LIST OF ACTIVES RA PROCEDURES BY PROCEDURE LIST AMIS CODES RA SERIES ONLY PROCEDURE LIST The modification of any sort templates is not recommended.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis field contains the name (3-60 characters) of this rad/nuc med procedure. The first thirty characters of the procedure name must be unique. Also, ";" and "^" are not allowed as characters.
2suppress radiopharm prompt0;2SET OF CODES0:Ask Radiopharmaceutical
1:Suppress Radiopharmaceutical prompt
This question only applies to procedures with an imaging type that use radiopharmaceuticals (i.e. nuclear medicine or cardiology studies). If the exam status set-up for the affected imaging types specifies that radiopharmaceutical data should be asked and/or required to progress to various statuses, this field can be used to over-ride that requirement. Available categories are defined as follows: 0 or blank - Always ask for Radiopharmaceutical if and when exam status parameters specify (this is the default). 1 - Suppress the radiopharmaceutical prompts. Never ask or require Radiopharmaceutical even if exam status parameters specify that a Radiopharmaceutical should be entered. Even if default Radiopharmaceuticals are entered for the procedure they will not be automatically entered on the exam record by the system when the case is registered.
3required flash card printer0;3POINTER3.5This field contains the name (1-20 characters) of the location where the flash cards for this procedure are to be printed. Normally, the flash cards are printed at the reception desk, however, for particular procedures the flash cards may be printed at a different location such as where the exam is to be performed. NOTE: The exam labels will print out on the flash card printer associated with the imaging location parameter (e.g., the reception desk).
4required flash card format0;4POINTER78.2This field is used to define the format of the flash card. Normally, the standard default format for the user's rad/nuc med location is used, however, particular procedures may require a flash card format that is different than the standard format.
5prompt for meds0;5BOOLEANy:YES
If this field is set to YES, case edits will prompt for meds administered for this procedure. To make Status Tracking prompt for meds administered, this field is set to YES, and the Examination Status parameter 'Ask Medications & Dosages' is set to yes for one or more statuses of the procedure's imaging type.
6type of procedure(+)0;6SET OF CODESB:BROAD
This field contains a value to indicate the type of rad/nuc med procedure. Valid choices are: 'B' for Broad, 'D' for Detailed, 'S' for Series, and 'P' for Parent. 'Broad' can be used when the procedure is being initially registered, but must be changed by the technologist to 'Detailed' or 'Series' procedure before the exam is completed. 'Series' is used when there is more than one AMIS code associated with this exam procedure. 'Parent' procedures should be used to pre-define a group of procedures (descendents). When a procedure is marked as a 'Parent', the system will ask for its 'descendents' (other procedures in this file that are part of the procedure group). During the 'Register an Exam' option, these 'descendent' procedures will be registered as a set under one exam date/time.
7staff review required0;7BOOLEANY:YES
This field contains a 'Yes' or 'No' value to indicate if this procedure requires an interpreting staff physician's review of the interpreting resident's report results.
8original procedure?0;8BOOLEANY:YES
This field contains a 'Yes' or 'No' value which indicates if this procedure is from the original group of 535 procedures sent with this system or if this procedure has been set up by the site. The original 535 procedures are filled in with 'Yes'. The system allows the name field of the file to be changed for any procedure that has a 'No' in this field. Always use the Procedure Edit Function of the system to modify this Procedure File.
9cpt code0;9POINTER81DThis field contains the CPT code (must be a number) for this procedure. All CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes are issued by the AMA. The CPT File is the responsibility of MAS.
10cost of procedure0;10NUMERICThis field may be used in the future for possible third party billing.
11rad/nm phys approval required0;11BOOLEANy:YES
This field is set to indicate whether or not requesting this procedure requires a Radiology or Nuclear Med physician 's approval. If this field contains a 'Yes', the appropriate Imaging Service must be contacted to request the procedure. If this field is set to 'No', the procedure can be requested without this approval.
12type of imaging(+)0;12POINTER79.2AIMGThis field is used to associate a particular imaging type to a procedure.
13health summary with request0;13POINTER142This field points to the HEALTH SUMMARY TYPE file. When a request is made this field is checked for an associated Health Summary type and, if one exists, it is printed along with the request.
14default camera/equip/rm0;14POINTER78.6If a camera/equip/rm associated with this procedure is entered here by the ADPAC, it will automatically be entered in the patient's exam record as the primary camera/equip/rm when this procedure is registered. The user will be able to edit this through exam edit options.
15print procedure barcodeCOMPUTEDThis field can be used on FileMan printouts to print the first thirty characters of the procedure name in a barcode format.
16print cpt barcodeCOMPUTEDThis field can be used on FileMan printouts to print the CPT barcode.
17display ed desc when ordered0;17BOOLEANy:YES
If the Educational Description of a procedure should be displayed along with the procedure message (if any) at the time the procedure is ordered, enter 'Yes'. If only the procedure message should be displayed, enter 'No'.
18single report0;18BOOLEANY:YES
This field should only be used for parent procedures. If this field is left un-answered, then the reporting of this procedure's descendants will be put into separate reports, as in Rad/NM v4.5 If this field is answered 'Y', then the reporting of this procedure's descendants will be combined into one report, where the case records for these descendants will have the same data for report text, impression, verifier, pre-verifier, verifier, staff(prim & sec), residents(prim & sec), and diagnoses, and all other report-related fields.
19prompt for radiopharm rx0;19BOOLEANy:YES
This field applies only to Detailed or Series procedures with an Imaging Type that uses radiopharmaceuticals. It controls whether case edit and status tracking options prompt for prescribing physician, prescribed radiopharmaceutical dose and witness to dose administration. If you answer 'YES' to this field, prescriber prompts will appear for any radiopharmaceuticals entered for this procedure. If this field is left blank, prescriber and witness prompts will not appear. If this field is set to 'YES', Status Tracking will prompt during each edit session until the data is entered; case edits will always prompt, even if prescriber and witness data has already been entered.
20contrast media used0;20BOOLEANY:Yes
CMThis field contains a value to indicate if a contrast agent is used with this Rad/Nuc Med procedure. Acceptable values are: 'Y' for 'Yes' and 'N' for 'No'.
50default radiopharmaceuticalsNUC;0MULTIPLE71.08Default radiopharmaceuticals and related information are edited by ADPACs during system set-up. If default radiopharmaceutical(s) are entered for a procedure, they will be automatically entered on the patient record each time this procedure is registered. Information entered by the ADPAC related to the radiopharmaceutical may appear during case edit as a default response or may be used for edit checking.
55default medicationsP;0MULTIPLE71.055Default medication(s) may be entered by the ADPAC for a procedure. If they are entered, the system will automatically enter them on the patient's exam record whenever the procedure is registered. NOTE: Default Radiopharmaceuticals may NOT be entered here; they should be entered on a separate field.
75films neededF;0MULTIPLE71.02This is a multiple field containing information about the films usually needed for this procedure.
100inactivation dateI;1DATE-TIMEThis field contains the date this procedure was inactivated by the rad/nuc med coordinator. Until the day following the inactivation date, the procedure appears on the active procedure list and may be selected. If this procedure is active in the Common Procedure file, it must be removed from the active common procedure list before an inactivation date can be entered. Procedures should always be inactivated instead of deleted.
125contrast mediaCM;0MULTIPLE71.0125This field identifies the contrast agent(s) associated with this Rad/Nuc Med procedure.
135default cpt modifiers(proc)DCM;0MULTIPLE71.0135
150synonym1;0MULTIPLE71.01This is a multiple field which allows procedure names to be cross-referenced by their synonyms.
175amis codes2;0MULTIPLE71.03This is a multiple field containing information for the AMIS codes associated with this procedure.
200message3;0MULTIPLE71.04This is a multiple, used to select messages that pertain to this procedure.
250contrast media activity logAUD;0MULTIPLE71.06
300descendents4;0MULTIPLE71.05This is a multiple field containing procedures that are considered descendents of this parent procedure. Only 'Parent' procedures may have descendents. If a 'Parent' procedure is ordered, its descendents will be registered during the registration function.
400new procedure messagePMES;0WORD-PROCESSING
500educational descriptionEDU;0WORD-PROCESSINGThe text entered here should describe the procedure. It may be used by clinicians who are trying to familiarize themselves with imaging procedures that are available via an option within this software system. This text can also be displayed along with the procedure message during the ordering process if the Rad/Nuc Med Procedure file parameter that controls displaying it when ordered is set to 'Yes'.

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