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This file is used to keep track of alerts pending processing for each user. The main entry for each record is a pointer to the NEW PERSON file. A multiple under each user is used to record the date and time an alert was generated, the unique ID associated with the alert, the text for display, and an optional routine entry point or option for use in processing the alert, and an optional data string associated with the alert.
.02surrogate for alerts0;2POINTER200ACThis field may contain a pointer to the NEW PERSON file who has been designated as a SURROGATE recipient. That individual will receive alerts designated for the current user during the period of time specified by the entries in SURROGATE START DATE/TIME field [#.03] and the SURROGATE END DATE/TIME field [#.04] or, if one or both of those fields is not specified, until the SURROGATE entry is removed. If the SURROGATE END DATE/TIME field [#.04] is populated, the SURROGATE data will be removed automatically the first time an alert is sent to the current USER after the specified date and time.
.03surrogate start date/time0;3DATE-TIMEThis field may contain a date and time which will specify when forwarding of alerts to the SURROGATE specified in field #.02 will begin. If there is no entry in this field, and field #.02 is populated, alerts will be sent to the surrogate immediately.
.04surrogate end date/time0;4DATE-TIMEThis field may contain a date and time. If data is present, it indicates the time at which sending of alerts to the individual specified in the SURROGATE field (#.02) should be terminated. If no data is present, and the SURROGATE field is populated, then alerts will be sent to the SURROGATE until that entry is removed.
1alert date/timeXQA;0MULTIPLE8992.01
2surrogate2;0MULTIPLE8992.02This field is a multiple based on the start date/time for a surrogate relationship. This will permit multiple surrogate relationships to be scheduled. Since a start date/time for the surrogate relationship is required, if the user does not enter one, then the NOW as the current date/time will be used.

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