This file contains the installation information for a site from the Kernel Installation & Distribution System. This file should not be edited. All information is updated when a new package is installed at a site.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThe name and version number of this Package (i.e. Kernel 8.0T1)
.02status(+)0;9SET OF CODES0:Loaded from Distribution
1:Queued for Install
2:Start of Install
3:Install Completed
This is the status of this package at this site.
1package file link0;2POINTER9.4This field contains the link to the Package File.
2date loaded0;3DATE-TIMEThis is the time the Transport Global was loaded at the site.
3starting package0;4POINTER9.7This is the first package in a multi-package install.
4install order0;5NUMERICThis is the order to install this package in a multi-package install.
5queued task number0;6NUMERICThis is the Task number for this package if this package was queued to be installed at a later time.
6file comment2;E1,240FREE TEXTThis is the comment from the HFS file that contained this package.
6.5required to continue0;7BOOLEAN1:YES
If required (answer = YES) the entire build will be aborted if this build does not successfully load. If not required (answer = NO) the other builds within this build will continue to be processed.
7setname0;8FREE TEXTThis is the SETNAME that will be used to disable options and protocols during the installation of this package.
8disable option delay0;10NUMERICEnter the number of minutes to wait after the Options and Protocols have been disabled, but before the Routines have been installed.
9installed by0;11POINTER200This is the person who installed this package.
11install start time1;1DATE-TIMEThis is the time the install started.
12routine install time1;2DATE-TIMEThis is the routine install completed time.
13pre-init check pointsINI;0MULTIPLE9.713This contains all the check points needed for the Pre-Init routine.
14file4;0MULTIPLE9.714This contains the VA Fileman files that were installed by this package.
15build componentsKRN;0MULTIPLE9.715This contains a list of the components of this package.
16post-init check pointsINIT;0MULTIPLE9.716This contains all the check points needed for the Post-Init routine.
17install complete time1;3DATE-TIMEThis is the time the install finished.
18globalsGLO;0MULTIPLE9.718This multiple contains a list of globals that were installed by this package.
20messagesMES;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is where all messages about the install will be saved.
30volume setVOL;0MULTIPLE9.703This multiple contains the Volumes Sets that will be updated with the new routines and compiled cross references, print and input templates.
40routinesRTN;0MULTIPLE9.704This multiple contains a list of all Routines that were installed for this package. It also includes routines that were generated during the install. The Routines came from calls to DIEZ, DIPZ, and DIKZ.
50install answersQUES;0MULTIPLE9.701This multiple contains the answers to all the install Questions.
51distribution date1;4DATE-TIMEThis field holds the distribution date of the build that is being installed. This is not a user input field.
61test#6;1NUMERICThis field holds the Test Version Number from the patch module on FORUM.
62seq#6;2NUMERICThis field holds the Release Sequence # from the Patch Module on FORUM.

Referenced by 1 types

  1. INSTALL (9.7) -- starting package