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This is a local table file containing the site's names for teams. team. Teams can be setup as primary care teams or service specific teams. Super-teams can be setup as a group of teams.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTB
.02team phone number0;2FREE TEXTThis is the phone number associated with the team.
.03team purpose(+)0;3POINTER403.47This defines the primary role of the team. Examples: - Primary Care - Inpatient Ward - Mental Health Treatment - Rapid Response - Community Care - Special Treatment Program
.04default team printer0;4POINTER3.5This is the default printer for the team.
.05can act as a pc team?0;5BOOLEAN1:YES
Can this team be the primary care team for a patient? (Even if the team's principle purpose is not primary care, it still maybe able act as a primary care team for some patients. This attribute indicates if that is possible.)
.06service/department(+)0;6POINTER49Entry in the Service/Section file.
.07institution(+)0;7POINTER4AINSTThis is the entry for the site in the INSTITUTION File.
.08max number of patients0;8NUMERICThe maximum allowable number of patients for this team. After this number is exceeded, no more patients should be assigned to this team.
.09max % of primary care patients0;9NUMERICThis is the maximum percentage of all patients assigned to primary care teams that this team should be assigned.
.1close to further assignment?0;10BOOLEAN1:YES
This indicates that the team cannot be assigned additional patients. This may be used for any reason.
.11auto-assign from assc clinics?0;11BOOLEAN1:YES
By answering 'YES', enrollment into clinics that are associated clinics of active positions will result in the patient being assigned to this team. If the clinic is associated with more than one team, no assignment will be done.
.12discharge from assoc. clinics?0;12BOOLEAN1:YES
By answering 'YES', changes in enrollment data that leaves a patient discharged from a clinic will result in the patient being automatically discharged from the team. If the patient has any active or future assignments to team positions, the patient will not be discharged from the team.
.13restrict consults?0;13BOOLEAN1:YES
This attribute prevents users from making consult appointments to clinics in which the patient is not enrolled. This parameter in the Patient Team/Position Assignment file overrides this same parameter in the team level. (Applies to on primary teams only.)
201current # of patientsCOMPUTEDThis calculates the number of patients currently assigned to the team.
202current statusCOMPUTEDThis indicates if the team is active on the current date.
203current effective dateCOMPUTEDThis is the most recent date that the active status was changed.
204current activation dateCOMPUTEDThis is the activation date of the team based on today's date: For teams never active - this is the next date where the team is active For teams that are active now - this is the date it became active For teams that are currently inactive - this is the last activation date
205current inactivation dateCOMPUTEDThis is the inactivation date as of today. For an inactive team, this is the most recent day it became inactive For an active team, this is the date it will become inactive.

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