This file is a list of the services and sections within the services. Some of the entries may be 'MIS COSTING SECTIONS' for use with the cost accounting part of the Management Information System software. A section is an MIS section if there is a code entered in the field called MIS COSTING CODE. In the cost accounting system all medical center costs will be tied to a particular section. When MIS sections change, do not delete the old section. Instead, change the fields under the multiple field called "DATE CLOSED" to identify which sections are no longer in use.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBEnter Service or Section name.
1abbreviation0;2FREE TEXTCThis field contains the accepted abbreviation for this service or section.
1.3description1;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field contains a brief description or the mission of this service or section.
1.5mail symbol0;8FREE TEXTDThis field contains the accepted mail routing symbol for the service or section.
1.6parent service0;4POINTER49ACHLDThis field contains a pointer to the name of the service or section which is "parent" to this section.
1.7type of service0;9SET OF CODESC:PATIENT CARE
FThis flag indicates the type of each entry in this file. Services or sub-services may be marked as Administrative or for Patient Care. or for Patient Care.
2chief0;3POINTER200This field contains a pointer to the name of the chief of this service or section.
3chief phonePH;0MULTIPLE49.04This field contains the telephone number(s) for the chief of this service . or section.
4asst chief0;5POINTER200This field contains a pointer to the name of the assistant chief of this service or section.
5asst chief phoneAPH;0MULTIPLE49.05This field contains the telephone number(s) for the assistant chief of this service or section.
6location0;7FREE TEXTThis field contains the physical location of this service or section (i.e., room number).
9mis costing code2;1FREE TEXTEThis field contains the Management Information Cost Accounting code for this service or section.
10cost center2;2FREE TEXTACThis field contains the cost center name for this service section. The cost center must be defined in the IFCAP Cost Center File 420.1.
11type of costing section2;3SET OF CODESA:ADMINISTRATIVE
This field contains the type of management information cost accounting section for this service or section.
12ambulatory care flag2;4SET OF CODESY:AMBULATORY CARE
This field contains the ambulatory care flag. Yes or No for this sertice or section.
13date closed3;0MULTIPLE49.07This field contains date(s) when this service or section closed.
730national service730;1POINTER730A1This field is a pointer to the National Service File #730, and is used to link the locally built 'Service/Section' file to the standardized list of nationally recognized services.
16000coordinator (irm)16000;1POINTER200AEThis field is used by kernel to link a NEW PERSON entry through the service/section pointer back to a New Person entry for access help.

Referenced by 39 types

  1. MAS PARAMETERS (43) -- *mas service pointer
  2. FACILITY TREATING SPECIALTY (45.7) -- service
  3. SERVICE/SECTION (49) -- parent service
  4. OUTPATIENT SITE (59) -- ib service/section
  5. REQUEST SERVICES (123.5) -- related service/section
  6. CRHD HANDOFF PARAMETERS (183) -- name
  7. RECORD TRACKING APPLICATION (195.1) -- service
  8. NEW PERSON (200) -- service/section
  9. NURQ QI SUMMARY (217) -- service
  10. NURQ STANDARDS OF CARE/PRACTICE (217.1) -- service
  11. IB ACTION TYPE (350.1) -- service
  12. IB SITE PARAMETERS (350.9) -- mas service pointer
  13. TEAM (404.51) -- service/department
  14. CONTROL POINT ACTIVITY (410) -- requesting service
  15. EQUIPMENT REQUEST (413) -- requesting service
  16. TURN-IN REQUEST (413.1) -- requesting service
  17. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE (430) -- service
  18. PROCUREMENT & ACCOUNTING TRANSACTIONS (442) -- requesting service
  19. AMENDMENTS (443.6) -- requesting service
  20. REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (444) -- requesting service
  22. T&L UNIT (455.5) -- service
  23. NAME (680.4) -- service
  24. EVENT CAPTURE PATIENT (721) -- service
  25. DSS UNIT (724) -- service
  26. RADIOLOGY EXTRACT (727.814) -- service
  27. QA OCCURRENCE SCREEN (741) -- service
  28. QA MONITOR (743) -- service
  29. ESP MASTER NAME INDEX (910) -- service
  30. IMAGING WINDOWS SESSIONS (2006.82) -- user service/section
  31. ASISTS ACCIDENT REPORTING (2260) -- service
  32. EQUIPMENT INV. (6914) -- service pointer
  33. CMR (6914.1) -- service
  34. WORK ORDER # (6920) -- owner/department
  35. EMPLOYEE(KEYS) (6926) -- service
  36. ENG SPACE (6928) -- service
  37. TIU DOCUMENT (8925) -- service
  38. PARAMETERS (8989.5) -- entity
  39. PROBLEM (9000011) -- service