This is the main data file for Mental Health Inpatient features. It contains current and past treatment episodes. Team information, clinician responsibility and treatment data are stored. This is a flat file that may be easily archived and restored. Cross-references: AC ; xref for current admissions only by primary therapist. ACP ; xref for current admissions only by physician. ACR ; xref for current admissions only by resident. AIN ; xref for all admissions by admit date. AOUT ; xref for all admissions by discharge/transfer date. AST ; xref for current admissions only by ward and team. AWC ; xref for current admissions only by ward and team. C ; xref for all patients by DFN. CP ; xref for current admissions only by DFN.
.01file entry date(+)0;1DATE-TIMEBThis is a unique file entry date to allow a flat file structure.
1patient(+)0;2POINTER2CPointer to patient file.
2unit entry date(+)0;3DATE-TIMEThis is the date of entry on to the psychiatry service for the current admission. This is set automatically by the system but can be edited.
3team(+)0;4POINTER618.2This is the clinical and/or nursing team to which the patient is assigned.
4staff0;5POINTER200This is the primary staff member assigned responsibility for patient care or charting. Local definition of this title is allowed for in the package. Examples of this are: Case manager , Primary Therapist, and coordinator.
5physician0;6POINTER200This is the primary physician providing care to this patient.
6resident0;7POINTER200This is the resident assigned (if any) to provide care to this patient.
7legal status1;1SET OF CODESv:VOLUNTARY
Set of codes: 'v' for Voluntary, 'i' for Involuntary.
8open/closed1;2SET OF CODESo:OPEN
This indicates whether the patient is on a security area.
9level1;3NUMERICThis is a field locally definable to assign treatment or privilege status. It is only meaningful within local definitions.
10master tx plan1;4DATE-TIMEDate the Master Treatment Plan was enterd in the chart.
11tx plan update1;5DATE-TIMEDate the treatment plan was updated in the patient's chart.
12hair color1;6FREE TEXTFor quick identification purposes. Especially needed for patient searches.
13eye color1;7FREE TEXTFor quick identification. Especially useful in patient searches.
14height (inches)1;8FREE TEXTFor quick identification. Especially useful in patient searches.
14.2weight1;9NUMERICFor quick identification. Especially useful in patient searches.
15physical description2;1FREE TEXTShort physical description of patient.
16medical alert3;1FREE TEXTAny medical alert associated with the patient.
17special diet4;1FREE TEXTPatient's specical diet requirement.
18inpatient comments5;0MULTIPLE618.418Patient comments, multiple valued field with subfield.
19past teams6;0MULTIPLE618.419This data is automatically set by the package. It keeps track of team changes within a psychiatric ward. This is a multiple field with subfields.
20ward(+)7;1POINTER42Name of the ward as pointer to the ward location file. This is set automatically by the package.
21discharge/transfer date7;2DATE-TIMEDate patient is either discharged or transfered out of the current psychiatric ward. This is not the same as the discharge date as defined by MAS. It is meaningful only as regards to the current ward.
22admission pointer7;3FREE TEXTThe ADMISSION POINTER has two parts (PART ONE~PART TWO). Part one is the ^DGPM file's "DA" or pointer to the ADMISSION Patient Movement record. Part two which follows the "~" is the TRANSFER or DISCHARGE pointer to the ^DGPM Patient Movement record or it is the pointer to the LAST Patient Movement record. Therefore, when the patient is initially admitted part one and part two are the same. This piece is set automatically by the package.
23current team7;4POINTER618.2This is the current team assigned to work with the patient. When this field is blank this indicates that the patient was been transferred out of the ward or the patient was been discharged. The CURRENT TEAM field is used to activate the SET and KILL of the following cross-references: "CP", "AC", "ACP", "ACR" and "AWC".
500000last physical examCOMPUTEDThis is a computed field (data is NOT stored by calculated).

Not Referenced