This file contains information on consumer contacts. Data is not sent with this file; it is populated at the site.
.01contact number(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is a self generated Contact number used to identify consumer contact.
1date of contact(+)0;2DATE-TIMEDThis is the date the Patient Representative was initially contacted. The date must be Today or earlier.
2patient name0;3POINTER2EThis is the name of the patient concerned in the inquiry.
3ssnCOMPUTEDThis is the Social Security Number of the patient concerned in the contact.
4dobCOMPUTEDThis is the date of birth of the patient concerned in the contact.
5sexCOMPUTEDThis is the sex of the patient concerned in the contact.
6eligibility status0;4FREE TEXTThis is the patient's eligibility status at the time of the contact.
7category0;5FREE TEXTThis is the Means test category assigned to the patient at the time of the contact.
8information taken by0;6POINTER200This is the name of the person who collected the information from the contact.
9entered by(+)0;7POINTER200This is the person entering the contact information. This is not a user interactive field.
10name of contact0;8FREE TEXTThis is the name of the person who contacted the Patient Representative.
11telephone no. of contact0;9FREE TEXTThis is the telephone number of the contact. Use one of the following formats. Use a hyphen in the main portion of the number. Leave a space between area code and the number and between the number and any extension. i.e. 123 123-1234 123 123-1234 1234 123-1234 123-1234 1234
12contact made by0;10SET OF CODESPA:Patient
VO:Veterans Service Organization
AT:Attorney/Legal Guardian/Conservator/Trustee
DI:Director's Office
ST:Staff - VAMC
CMBThis is the person, organization, or authority that made the contact.
13source of contact0;11SET OF CODESL:Letter
W:Ward Visit
This is how the contact was made.
14location of event0;12POINTER44This is the hospital location associated with the issue of the contact.
15*services involved1;0MULTIPLE745.115
16*category of care2;1POINTER745.3This is the patient's service and level of care as defined for the Quality Matrix.
16.5treatment status(+)2;2SET OF CODESI:Inpatient
L:Long Term Psych
E:Extended/Intermed. Care
This indicates whether the patient was inpatient, outpatient, etc.
17employee8;0MULTIPLE745.117This is the employee allegedly involved in the issue or the employee receiving the compliment.
18*refer to10;0MULTIPLE745.118This is the person or service the issue is referred to for action.
19date sent2;4DATE-TIMEThis is the date the issue was referred to a person or service for action.
20days response expected by2;5NUMERICThis is the number of days to expect a response on the issue. Enter a whole number between 0 and 9999.
20.1date dueCOMPUTEDIf there is a number in the Days Response Expected By field, that is added to the Date Sent to obtain the entry in the Date Due field. Date Due applies to when a response is expected for a Report of Contact.
21issue codes3;0MULTIPLE745.121This is a code for a brief statement of the issue.
22issue text4;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a written discussion of the issue(s).
23*report of contact generated5;1BOOLEAN0:NO
This field contains a "1" when a report of contact has been generated. This is not a user interactive field.
24qm involvement9;0MULTIPLE745.124This is the type of QM activity for this same issue.
25resolution comments6;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is a discussion of how the issue or issues were resolved.
26date resolved7;1DATE-TIMEThis is the date the record was closed.
27status7;2SET OF CODESO:Open
This field contains "O" while the record is Open and "C" when the record is Closed. This is not a user interactive field.
28refer contact to11;0MULTIPLE745.128This is the person(s) who will be notified of this patient contact.
29congressional contact0;13POINTER745.4This is the congressional office or person that contacted the Patient Representative.
30source(s) of contact12;0MULTIPLE745.11
31period of service0;14POINTER21This is the period of service, taken from the Patient File.
32persian gulf service0;15BOOLEANY:YES
This is taken from the Patient file, field #.32201, Persian War Service.
33refer to seat2;3BOOLEANY:YES
Has this Report of Contact been referred to SEAT?
34*date resolved7;3DATE-TIMEThis field will not be used-was set up in planning stages of patch QAC*2*3
35days to resolution7;4NUMERICThis a field calculated by subtracting date ROC created by date resolved.
36level of satisfaction7;5SET OF CODES1:Not at all satisfied
2:Slightly satisfied
3:Somewhat satisfied
4:Pretty satisfied
5:Very satisfied
6:Extremey satisfied
This is the patient's level of satisfaction with the resolution of the Report of Contact. This field will not be used after patch QAC*2*17.
37division(+)0;16POINTER4This field will hold the Division where the Contact occured.
38discipline13;1FREE TEXT
39resolved by seat?2;6BOOLEANY:YES
This field stores whether or not there has been a resolution of the problem by SEAT.
40seat resolution comments14;0WORD-PROCESSING
41roll-up status7;6SET OF CODES0:CLEARED
This field is being changed with QAC*2.0*17. The field will now contain a "3" if it was edited since the last run of the QAC Patient Representative Roll-up. It will be deleted after the next run. ******************Original use of this field****************************** ****This field will be stuffed if a record is rejected from roll-up either because the record has not been closed or does not have at least one issue code. It will also be stuffed if it was sent but still open.
43internal appeal2;7BOOLEANY:YES
This field will flag ROCs that need, or have gotten, Internal Appeals.

Not Referenced