Per VHA Directive, this file has been "locked down" by Data Standardization (DS). The file definition (i.e. data dictionary) shall not be modified. All additions, changes and deletions to entries in the file shall be done by Enterprise Reference Terminology (ERT) using the Master File Server (MFS), provided by the Common Services (CS). Creating and/or editing locally defined fields in the file are not permitted. Use of locally defined fields that were created prior to the VHA Directive shall not be supported. In order to preserve the continuity of files shared by the Indian Health Service and the Department of Veterans Affairs, this file includes fields used by Indian Health Service that will not be used by the Department of Veterans Affairs. These fields may point to other files and routines not deployed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Inclusion of these fields, as designed, was approved by the DBA. These fields were initially introduced with the release of the VISTA IMMUNIZATION ENHANCEMENTS 1.0 (PX*1*201) for the VistA Immunization Enhancements Project. Additional fields may be included in later enhancements. This file is a list of Immunizations and associated codes developed specifically for use in the IHS. This file contains a full descriptive name for each Immunization, plus a shortened name of Ten Characters which is used on the Health Summary and on reports where space is limited, plus a Two Digit Code for each Immunization.
.01name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the name of the Immunization (e.g. Hib-Hep B). Enter the Name of the Immunization using 3 to 100 characters.
.02short name0;2FREE TEXTDThis is the "Short" name for this immunization such as an acronym, nickname, or other name by which it might be called (e.g. Tet Tox). Enter the short name using 2 to 10 characters (e.g. Tet Tox).
.03cvx code0;3FREE TEXTCThis is the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) code for this vaccine, known as the CVX Code. The purpose of the CVX code is mainly when using HL7 to share data regarding this vaccine.
.04default lot#0;4POINTER9999999.41This is the default lot number for this immunization.
.05max # in series0;5SET OF CODES0:NON-SERIES
(Optional) This is the maximum number of vaccinations that can be given for this immunization. Enter the number between 0 and 8 that represents the maximum allowable vaccinations that can be given for this immunization.
.06childhood immunization0;6BOOLEAN0:NO
YES in this field indicates this immunization is a childhood immunization. NO in this field indicates this immunization is not a childhood immunization.
.07inactive flag0;7SET OF CODES1:INACTIVE
This field is used to inactivate an immunization type. If this field contains a "1" then the immunization is inactive. Inactive immunizations cannot be selected in the manual data entry process. Immunization entries should be made inactive when they are no longer used. Do not delete the entry or change the meaning of the immunization entry. To make an inactive immunization active, enter the "@" symbol to delete the "1" from the field.
.08skin test0;8SET OF CODES0:NOT A SKIN TEST
This field indicates if this immunization is a skin test. Enter '1' if this immunization is a skin test. Enter '0' if this immunization is not a skin test.
.09vaccine group (series type)0;9POINTER9002084.93This field identifies the Imm/Serve Series Type (or "Vaccine group") to which this immunization belongs.
.1alternate short name0;10FREE TEXTEThis is an alternate short name for this immunization.
.11cpt code0;11POINTER81ACPTThis is the CPT code associated with this immunization.
.12related contraind hl7 codes0;12FREE TEXTThis field indicates the HL7 code(s) of any immunizations that should be contraindicated when this immunization is contraindicated.
.13vis default date0;13DATE-TIMEThis is the default date of the Vaccine Information Statement for this immunization.
.14icd diagnosis code0;14FREE TEXTThis is the ICD diagnosis code associated with this immunization.
.15icd procedure code0;15FREE TEXTThis is the ICD Procedure Code associated with this immunization.
.16include in forecast0;16SET OF CODES0:YES, INCLUDE
This field indicates if this vaccine is allowed to be forecast for patients when appropriate. Enter NO to exclude this vaccine from all forecasts.
.17include in vac account report0;17BOOLEAN1:YES
This field indicates if this vaccine should be included in the Vaccine Accountability Report. Enter NO if not.
.18default volume0;18NUMERICThis is the default volume for this vaccine.
.2combination immunization (y/n)0;20BOOLEAN0:NO
This YES/NO field identifies if this immunization is a combination product or not. If this immunization is a combination product (a multi-component vaccine requiring multiple vaccine information statements), enter YES. If this immunization is not a combination product, but can be represented by a single vaccine information statement, enter NO.
.21component #10;21POINTER9999999.14This is the first component of this combination vaccine.
.22component #20;22POINTER9999999.14This is the second component of this combination vaccine.
.23component #30;23POINTER9999999.14This is the third component of this combination vaccine.
.24component #40;24POINTER9999999.14This is the fourth component of this combination vaccine.
.25component #50;25POINTER9999999.14This is the fifth component of this combination vaccine.
.26component #60;26POINTER9999999.14This is the sixth component of this combination vaccine.
.51reading required.5;1BOOLEAN1:YES
This field indicates if this inoculation requires an objective reading and a subjective interpretation of the reading.
1.01brand #11;1FREE TEXTThis is the first brand name for this vaccine.
1.03brand #21;3FREE TEXTThis is the second brand name for this vaccine.
1.05brand #31;5FREE TEXTThis is the third brand name for this vaccine.
1.07brand #41;7FREE TEXTThis is the fourth brand name for this vaccine.
1.09brand #51;9FREE TEXTThis is the fifth brand name for this vaccine.
1.14full name1;14FREE TEXTThis is the full name for this immunization.
1.15cpt code 2nd1;15POINTER81ACPTThis is a second CPT code for this immunization.
2cdc full vaccine name2;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis is the CDC Full Vaccine Name for this immunization.
3coding system3;0MULTIPLE9999999.143This multiple stores the coding system(s) associated with the codes identifying this immunization.
4vaccine information statement4;0MULTIPLE9999999.144This multiple identifies the Vaccine Information Statement(s) associated with this immunization.
5cdc product name5;0MULTIPLE9999999.145This multiple stores the CDC Product Name(s) reflecting manufacturer trade names, but may not be identical to those registered trade names.
7vaccine group name7;0MULTIPLE9999999.147This multiple field contains the VACCINE GROUP NAME(s) with which this immunization is associated.
10synonym10;0MULTIPLE9999999.141This multiple stores locally editable synonyms for this immunization.
99.97replaced by vha standard termVUID;3POINTER9999999.14AREPLACETERMThis field is populated when one Term/Concept replaces another Term/Concept. This field is controlled by standardization and should only be changed by standardization processes. This field contains a pointer to a VHA standard term that replaces this entry.
99.98master entry for vuid(+)VUID;2BOOLEAN1:YES
This field identifies the Master entry for a VUID associated with a Term/Concept.
99.99vuid(+)VUID;1FREE TEXTAVUIDVHA Unique ID (VUID). A unique meaningless integer assigned to reference terms VHA wide.
99.991effective date/timeTERMSTATUS;0MULTIPLE9999999.1499Describes the pair Status and Effective Date/Time for each reference term.
This is the CLASS of this Immunization.
8801mnemonic88;1FREE TEXTThis is the mnemonic for this Immunization. Enter a 1 to 3 character mnemonic.
8802acronym88;2FREE TEXTGThis standardized vaccine acronym for this immunization is intended to provide a uniform approach to vaccine references.
8803selectable for historic(+)6;1BOOLEANY:YES
This field determines whether an inactive immunization is selectable when documenting a historic administration.

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