This file stores either SORT or SEARCH criteria. For SORT criteria, the SORT DATA multiple contains the sort parameters. For SEARCH criteria, the template also contains a list of record numbers selected as the result of running the search.
.01name0;1FREE TEXTB
2date created0;2DATE-TIME
3read access0;3FREE TEXT
5user #0;5NUMERIC
6write access0;6FREE TEXT
7date last used0;7DATE-TIME
9search complete dateQR;1DATE-TIME This field will be filled in automatically by the search option, but only if the search runs to completion. It will contain the date/time that the search last ran. If it was not allowed to run to completion, this field will be empty.
11total records selectedQR;2NUMERIC This field is filled in automatically by the FileMan search option. If the search is allowed to run to completion, the total number of records that met the search criteria is stored in this field. If the last search was not allowed to run to completion, this field will be null.
15search specificationsO;0WORD-PROCESSING
1620sort fieldsCOMPUTED
1621sort field data2;0MULTIPLE.4014
1622by(0)BY0;1FREE TEXTEnter the static, unchanging part of an open global reference for either a global or a cross-reference that contains the list of record numbers to sort through on the first pass. The leading up-arrow can be omitted. For example: DIZ(662001,"A", or TMP("NMSP",$J,
1623l(0)BY0;2NUMERICEnter the total number of subscripts that must be sorted through on the global referenced by BY(0), including 1 for the record number. Ex., to sort through the "B" x-ref, we sort through the cross-referenced value itself, then the record number, so L(0)=2.
1624sort range data for by(0)BY0D;0MULTIPLE.4011624
1815routine invokedROU;E1,13FREE TEXT If this sort template is compiled, the first characters of the name of that compiled routine will appear on this node. Compiled sort routines are re-created each time the sort/print runs. These characters are concatenated with the next available number from the COMPILED ROUTINE file to create the routine name. If this node is present, a new compiled sort routine will be created during the FileMan sort/print.
1816previous routine invokedROUOLD;E1,13FREE TEXTThis node is present only to be consistant with other sort templates. It's presence will indicate that at some time the SORT template was compiled and will contain the beginning characters used to create the name of the compiled routine.
491620print templateDIPT;1FREE TEXT

Referenced by 4 types

  1. ARCHIVAL ACTIVITY (1.11) -- search template
  2. ADT TEMPLATE (43.7) -- sort template name
  3. PTF ARCHIVE/PURGE HISTORY FILE (45.62) -- search template
  4. LAB ARCHIVAL ACTIVITY (95.11) -- search template