This file allows services and specialties to be grouped in a hierarchy representing the sites services available. This grouping capability may be used with Review screens to filter out consults to a service, sub-service, specialty, or sub-specialty of consults/requests. The main entry in this file is the "ALL SERVICES" entry. Other entries should be subordinate in its hierarchy. The "ALL SERVICES" entry is used to display the hierarchy of the hospital services when the Clinician ordering a consult is prompted for "Select TO Service/Specialty:" to send the consult to.
.01service name(+)0;1FREE TEXTBThis is the Name of a service or specialty which may receive consult/ requests. This may also be a name which represents a group of services
.06unrestricted access0;6BOOLEAN1:YES
This field, if set to yes will allow all users to perform the full range of update activities on consult or procedure requests directed to this service. If this field is set to yes, all other fields related to assignment of update users are ignored. The SERVICE INDIVIDUAL TO NOTIFY and the SERVICE TEAM(S) TO NOTIFY fields will still be used to determine notification recipients for each individual service.
.07process parents for updates0;7BOOLEAN1:YES
This field, if set to YES will cause the parent services of the this service to be screened to determine update authority for a given user.
.08process parents for notifs0;8BOOLEAN1:YES
This field, if set to YES will cause the parent services of this service to be processed when determining notification recipients.
1.01provisional dx prompt1;1SET OF CODESO:OPTIONAL
This field will be used by CPRS to determine how to prompt for the provisional diagnosis when ordering consults for this service. If this field is set to OPTIONAL, the user will be prompted for the provisional diagnosis but may bypass answering the prompt. If the field is set to SUPPRESS, the user will not be presented with the provisional diagnosis prompt. If set to REQUIRED, the user must answer the prompt to continue placing the order.
1.02provisional dx input1;2SET OF CODESF:FREE TEXT
This field will determine the method that CPRS will use to prompt the user for input of the provisional diagnosis when ordering. If set to FREE TEXT, the user may type any text from 2-80 characters in length. If set to LEXICON, the user will be required to select a coded diagnosis from the Clinical Lexicon.
1.03restrict default reason edit1;3SET OF CODES0:UNRESTRICTED
If a DEFAULT REASON FOR REQUEST exists for this service this field affects the ordering person's ability to edit the default reason while placing an order. 0 - UNRESTRICTED User will be able to edit the default text at any time. 1 - ASK ON EDIT ONLY User will only be allowed to edit the default reason if the order is edited before releasing to the service. 2 - NO EDITING User will not be allowed to edit the default reason at any time. The value of this field will be ignored if no DEFAULT REASON FOR REQUEST exists for this service.
1.04notify service on dc1;4SET OF CODES0:ALWAYS
This field controls when members configured to receive notifications for this service in the Consult hierarchy will be alerted to a consult being discontinued. 0 - ALWAYS service update users will receive notification of a discontinue regardless of who DC's the order 1 - REQUESTOR ACTION service update users will receive notification of a discontinue only if the user discontinuing the consult is not an update user for the service 2 - NEVER service update users will never receive notification of a discontinued consult
1.05reprint 513 on dc1;5SET OF CODES0:ALWAYS
This field will determine if the SF-513 should reprint to the consulting service when a consult is discontinued. 0 - ALWAYS the SF-513 will always reprint to the SERVICE PRINTER when a consult is discontinued 1 - REQUESTOR ACTION the SF-513 will reprint to the SERVICE PRINTER only when a consult is discontinued by a user that is not an update user for the service in 2 - NEVER the SF-513 will never reprint to the SERVICE printer regardless of who discontinued the consult
1.06result mgmt user class1;6POINTER8930This field defines the Authorization/Subscription User Class that is permitted to disassociate a Medicine result from a Consult request. It is recommended that this function be restricted to a very select group of individuals. This field invokes IA #3008
1.1synonym2;0MULTIPLE123.52This multiple field identifies the commonly known names and abbreviations for the Service named in the .01 Name field. Synonyms identified here are used in the look-up of services at 'Select Service/Specialty: ' prompts.
1.11print name.1;1FREE TEXTThis is a commonly known Abbreviation for this Service/Specialty. This name is used to build Consult Notifications when a consult/request is ordered in OE/RR. If not defined, the NAME (.01) is used.
2service usage0;2SET OF CODES1:GROUPER ONLY
Whenever a value is defined in the SERVICE USAGE field, the Service entry will NOT be selectable to send consults TO in the OE/RR ordering process. Service Usages cause functioning as follows: GROUPER ONLY - Allows a service to be used for grouping other services together for review purposes, and aids in defining the service hierarchy (e.g., ALL SERVICES, INPATIENT SERVICES, OUTSIDE SERVICES). During the order process, a user selecting a grouper only service will be shown the service hierarchy under that service grouper. A Grouper ONLY service should never be a "TO" Service on a consult. TRACKING ONLY - Allows a service to be defined in a hierarchy, but will not allow users ordering consults in OE/RR to be able to see or select a service marked for TRACKING ONLY. (e.g., Psychology may be defined with its Service Usage blank, and its Sub-specialty multiple defined with services of which some or all may be "TRACKING ONLY" services. This hierarchy facilitates the situation when a service, such as Psychology, prefers a common location for all related consults to be sent to. A Tracking user at the common location then "Forwards" the request to one of the sub-service TRACKING ONLY services for completion.) DISABLED - Disabled services are not selectable for ordering or tracking.
3disable message0;3FREE TEXTIf a service is disabled, a DISABLED message will be displayed on the screen.
5creator0;5POINTER200This field identifies who created the service entry.
10sub-service10;0MULTIPLE123.51This is the set of services or specialties that may be grouped under the Service/Specialty. A member of this sub-service may also be defined to have its own sub-service/specialties. There is no limit to the depth of the hierarchy beneath ALL SERVICES.
11internal name11;1FREE TEXTEThis field holds a name that can be used for internal name-spacing. This name will not be viewable to users when selecting a service. This name may be used to look up entries in the file via VA Fileman and the Setup Consult Services option.
20entry action20;E1,245FREE TEXTThis field contains MUMPS code that will be executed when someone enters this option for CPRS Detailed and Results displays.
101procedure type101;0MULTIPLE123.5101
123.01oe/rr display group123;1POINTER100.98The display group will automatically default to CONSULTS if there is no other display group defined as a sub-group of CONSULTS.
123.011service update option123;10POINTER19This field provides security by defining who can actually perform tracking activities for a service/specialty's consults, based on the Option used. This field works in conjunction with the PROTOCOL ACTION MENU BY OPTION field. If an option is identified here, and the user selects this option to review consults/requests, the user will be given access to the Protocol action menu defined in the PROTOCOL ACTION MENU BY OPTION field. If this option was not used to access the consult/request tracking data, the user will only see the actions defined in the GMRCACTM USER REVIEW SCREEN protocol menu.
123.02protocol menu of request items123;2POINTER101This field is being used primarily for the Medicine Package Interface to link the Medicine Service to a Protocol Menu representing the Procedure Types of the Medicine Package. The GMRC MEDICINE PKG INTERFACE option uses this entry to determine the service and the type of results the Medicine Personnel may be associating results with.
123.03protocol action menu by users123;3POINTER101This is the Protocol menu of actions in the Protocol file which may be used by users identified in the "Service Individual to Notify," "Service Teams to Notify," and "Update Users w/o Notification" fields for a Service. Two generic protocol action menus are exported, GMRCACTM USER REVIEW SCREEN and GMRCACTM SERVICE ACTION MENU. The GMRCACTM USER REVIEW SCREEN is the default protocol menu of actions which will be used when no other protocol is defined. This default menu of actions contains inquiry only kinds of actions. The GMRCACTM SERVICE ACTION MENU contains actions which allow the consult/request to be tracked to its final resolution of Denied, Discontinued, or Completed.
123.04protocol action menu by option123;4POINTER101This is the menu of protocol actions in the Protocol File that may be used when the option named in the SERVICE UPDATE OPTION field is the option used to review the consults/requests. This field is only used when the IRM service wants to establish security BY SERVICE via site-specific options. If neither the PROTOCOL ACTION MENU BY OPTION or the SERVICE UPDATE OPTION are used to specify service security, then the PROTOCOL ACTION MENU BY KEY and SERVICE UPDATE SECURITY KEY are checked to establish the correct menu of actions allowed for the user BY SERVICE. The "GMRCACTM USER REVIEW SCREEN" protocol menu of actions will be used for all users as a default. This default menu of actions contains inquiry only kinds of actions. Sites that are using the Medicine Package to enter procedure results may specify GMRCACTM MEDICINE PKG MENU as the Protocol Action Menu By Option field and the GMRC MEDICINE PKG INTERFACE option as the Security Update Optifor field. This should only be specified on those services that are linked to a "GMRCR " protocol via the FILE LINK field in the Protocol File. The exported Medicine sub-services are already defined for use with the GMRC MEDICINE PKG INTERFACE option. Pharmacy Services should specify GMRCACTM PHARMACY PKG MENU in the Protocol Action Menu By Option field and the GMRC PHARMACY TPN CONSULTS option in the Service Update Option field.
123.06related treating specialty123;6POINTER45.7CThis field may be defined for use in Fileman reporting via the Relational Jumping capabilities.
123.07related service/section123;7POINTER49
123.08service individual to notify123;8POINTER200A user may be identified in this field as having primary responsibility for receiving consults and tracking them through to completion or discontinuance. This individual will receive a "NEW SERVICE CONSULT" notification type when a new order is released to the service through CPRS. The notification will appear in the following format: NIVEK,ALP (N8976): New Psychology Consult ordered JONES,GEO (J4552): New Psychology consult forwarded - Stat The user must have the "NEW SERVICE CONSULT/REQUEST" notification type enabled.
123.09service printer123;9POINTER3.5This field allows the service/specialty to identify a device that will be used for printing Consult Forms (513) 'automatically' at the service when the consult/request order is released by CPRS. If the device is not defined, the Consult Form will print at the location where the order was placed, bypassing the electronic relay functionality. The order text in CPRS for an order to a service with no device is prefixed with ">>." This indicates to the ordering clerks/clinician that the consult form needs manual processing or a call to the service to have the service use the "PS" action to print the service copy.
123.1service team(s) to notify123.1;0MULTIPLE123.53A service can have teams of users associated with the Service. Any users defined in a team related to the Service will receive Notifications.
123.2notification by pt location123.2;0MULTIPLE123.54A service may send notifications about new consults to an individual or teams, depending on the patient's location. Each hospital/ward location for patients may be defined here. For each location, an individual or team(s) may be specified to receive notifications for orders based on the patient's location at the time the order was placed.
123.3update users w/o notifications123.3;0MULTIPLE123.55Service users who are able to perform update tracking actions, but DO NOT receive "NEW SERVICE CONSULT" notifications, should be defined here. The update tracking capabilities are based on the Protocol Action Menu by Users field.
123.31update teams w/o notifications123.31;0MULTIPLE123.57This field will allow teams of users to be assigned as update users. Team members will not receive notifications as a result of the team being entered in this field.
123.33administrative update users123.33;0MULTIPLE123.555
123.34administrative update teams123.34;0MULTIPLE123.58
123.35update user classes w/o notifs123.35;0MULTIPLE123.59
123.4related hospital location123.4;0MULTIPLE123.56
123.5special updates individual0;4POINTER200This individual will have privileges to perform group status updates for this service or any of the entries in the SUB-SERVICE/SPECIALTY field. It is recommended that this individual be a responsible service update user or a Clinical Application Coordinator. If given the option GMRCSTSU, the user will be able to choose all requests within a date range that are pending, active or both and update the request to discontinued or complete. This will also update the related order in CPRS to the same status.
124default reason for request124;0WORD-PROCESSINGThis field will allow a boilerplate of text to be imported into the reason for request when placing consult or procedure orders for this service. If the user places an order using a quick order having boilerplate text, that text will supersede any default text stored. This field may contain any text including TIU objects. TIU Objects must be enclosed in vertical bars (e.g. |PATIENT NAME| ).
131prosthetics serviceINT;1BOOLEAN1:YES
This field is used to flag those services that are part of the interface between Consult/Request Tracking and the Prosthetics package. This field is set by a package option. It is not intended to be modified via VA FileMan.
132ifc routing siteIFC;1POINTER4This field contains the VA facility that will perform consults requested for this service. When a consult for this service is ordered, it will automatically be routed to the VA facility in this field.
133ifc remote nameIFC;2FREE TEXTThis field contains the name of the service that will be requested at the VAMC defined in the IFC ROUTING SITE field. Enter the name of the service exactly as it is named at the remote facility. If this name does not match the name of the service at the routing site, the request will fail to be filed at the remote site. This will delay or prohibit the performance and processing of this request.
134ifc sending facilityIFCS;0MULTIPLE123.5134
135ifc coordinatorIFC;3POINTER200The person entered in this field will have the ability to act on consults that would not otherwise be accessible to other update users for this service. This user will also be able to rectify certain communication failures with Inter-facility Consults.
Entering 'YES" here will cause any orders placed to this service to have a corresponding entry of 'YES' in the ADMINISTRATIVE field of the REQUEST CONSULTATION FILE, #123. Administrative requests are to be excluded from the CONSULTS PERFORMANCE MONITOR report [GMRC RPT PERF MONITOR].
688associated stop code688;0MULTIPLE123.5688

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